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Man creates break-up fund to help himself in times of emotional weakness

18, Mar 2015 By Ad-min

Mumbai. After suffering third break up in as many months, city youth Aditya has decided to create a “break up fund” that will help him cope with such moments in future.

His latest girlfriend broke up with him after Aditya arrived 15 minutes late for a movie fifth time in a row. The girl went back to her home while Adi had to go to the nearest bar. After the bar served him the bill, Aditya realized that break ups were as costly as affairs.

Break it when you break up!

Earlier Aditya was thinking of buying some insurance scheme against girls dumping him, but he couldn’t find any such product in the market.

“I approached HDFC Life too, as they say sir utha ke jiyo (keep your head high), and here I am always with my head down in depression after girls leave me citing random reasons,” the 25-year-old told this reporter, “But the bank guys didn’t have any insurance plans against break ups.”

Instead the HDFC Life official asked him to look at their investment plans that could help him manage his finances better. This inspired Aditya to create an investment plan himself that will create a corpus of funds to be used in times of emotional stress.

“Every time I would go on a date, I will put an equal amount of money that I spend on restaurant bills and other stuff, into this fund. You don’t mind spending money when you’re happy and full of hope; so this fund will grow with my every attempt at finding a girlfriend,” Aditya explained the working of his “break up fund”.

“The fun will continue to grow even after I finally have a girlfriend, and when we will spend to celebrate our relationship,” he added, “And god forbid, if the girl dumps me again just because I wear the same socks for the entire week, I will have money to spend to recover from the shock.”

Aditya is now hopeful of finding a new girlfriend and another girlfriend after that. He is also hopeful that some bank will approach him to make his “break up fund” a real financial product, which will also help him get a regular job.

“I think my achchhe din are here!” he said, as he started looking at new profiles of girls on Tinder.