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Man deletes wedding pic from Facebook after friends comment more on the stylish car parked in the background in the pic

08, Nov 2016 By Ad-min

A Delhi based couple’s idea to share their wedding pics on Facebook went for a toss after friends and family were seen commenting more about the stylish car parked in the background in the pictures.


Ankit and Neha, who tied the knot a few days back, decided to share their happy memories by posting wedding pictures online for their friends to see.

Apparently, the couple uploaded 20 wedding pictures, of which 8 received highest number of comments. But to their dismay, the comments were directed at the car that was seen in the background in the pictures.

With their wedding pics receiving not attention on Facebook, the couple were at loss of words over how something like this could happen.

Speaking to Faking News, weary from week long wedding celebrations, a clueless Ankit said, “I don’t know what was so special about that car. Agreed that it had eye catching exteriors, but how could they overlook us. We put in so much effort to look our best and this is what we get.”

Though Ankit put up a brave front, Neha was distraught. Her expensive wedding lehenga and jewelry went completely unnoticed on Facebook.

“I got the trousseau designed by Frocky S, the famous dress designer. I thought they’ll all comment on how beautiful I looked. Was expecting at least 500 Likes. Even the usual pics get me comments like ‘Hotness ki dukaan‘ and ‘Looking like Aishwarya’. But nothing about my wedding pics,” she sobbed, sitting amidst a pile of tissue papers, with Ankit next to her to console.

‘Majestic! Which car is it?’ read one comment on the FB page while others seemed like they’d already made up their mind to buy it.

Though Ankit deleted the pictures to draw attention back to his wedding album, it didn’t help him much.

The discussion about the ‘mysterious stylish’ car moved on to family WhatsApp group, with many wanting to know more about it.

Our reporter tracked down the owner of the car, who turned out to be an old college friend of Ankit.

“It’s the new Nissan Terrano 6 Speed Advanced Auto Drive. I had no intention to take the spotlight away from the wedding but not really surprised at what happened. Have been getting a lot of compliments since I bought it. If the stylish exterior is getting so much attention, when people find out about its effortless driving and spacious interiors it might end up being Breaking News,” he quipped.

Meanwhile, the newly wed Arora couple are planning to take off for a vacation to Mauritius, hoping that another set of pics from the honeymoon destination will help them get the desired attention that they were looking for.