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Man files for bankruptcy after taking his family for a movie at the multiplex over the weekend

07, Nov 2016 By Ad-min

A weekend outing to the multiplex for a Delhi based family turned out to be a test of their financial stability after they were left bankrupt by the expensive movie tickets and refreshments that they purchased while watching the movie.

What a weekend trip to the multiplex can leave you with if you let your money lie in Saving Account
What a weekend trip to the multiplex can leave you with if you let your money lie in Savings Account

Jayesh Arora, who works with as IT Manager in Delhi, was at the CenterOne mall with the sole purpose of catching up with the weekend show of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. But the festive cheer soon turned into trepidation after realizing that the outing had left him penniless, making it Mushkil for him even for a ride back home.

Speaking to Faking News Jayesh narrated the incident. “Given my hectic 9 to 5 job, I hardly get time with my family. I thought the Diwali weekend was perfect. After watching the movie and spending money on the exorbitantly priced food I realized I had no money. Absolutely nothing! And I had no other option but to file for bankruptcy,” he said, shocked and disappointed at the turn of events.

Jayesh poured his anguish on social media and it wasn’t long before others too joined in and shared their version.

“I too was out with my fiancé for a movie and when she saw the rates of the refreshments displayed at the counter she screamed out and held me tightly. The rates were scarier than the horror movie we intended to watch,” read a comment on his Facebook post.

With help from close friends Jayesh has managed to tide over the daily expenses post his bankruptcy, but clearly a long term solution was needed.

When questioned about his spending habits Jayesh and if they were culpable for his present condition, he said, “Neither me nor my wife are big spenders. I usually order the cheapest stuff that is available online. My wife spends 3 hours window shopping at malls but doesn’t go beyond buying a hair clip. Our spending habits are no different than many of my peers.”

Our reporter spoke to an expert in the field of personal finance, who pointed out that it was the saving habit of most people that fails to match up with their spending. “Most people keep their money in savings account; happy with the safety that a bank offers. But money in bank account is ‘dead money’. It fails to beat inflation. While people aspire to improve their quality of life, they fail to take the first step in doing just that. My advice to Jayesh and people like him would be ‘paise ko jagaao‘. If you get the drift of what I am trying to say,” said the expert.

Sources close to the family say the IT Manager has taken cognizance of the futility of letting his money lie in savings account and is now seeking opinion from financial experts for further guidance.

As a goodwill gesture, Jayesh’s maid servant and milkman have offered to provide their services on credit to help Mr. Arora tide over his daily expenses.

Meanwhile, sensing a business opportunity, some banks have already come up with a ‘Multiplex Loan’ for those who wish to enjoy the movie without having to think too much about the expenses. “We offer a bouquet of loans such as Samosa Loan, Popcorn Loan etc for our customers, that too at very attractive interest rates,” said a Loan officer at Bank of Bharosa.