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Man goes on road trip, friends refuse to believe till he posts selfies on Facebook

18, Jan 2017 By Ad-min

Hriday Malhotra never thought that convincing his friends about an adventure trip would be this difficult after his friend refused to buy his claims of rappelling down a waterfall, till he posted a few selfies on Facebook.

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Hriday who was a chosen from enviable list of adventure enthusiasts, embarked on a trip with Rannvijay and 2 other contestants Rajeel and Gaurav to complete a few challenging tasks along the journey. The trio traveled across the country in a Honda-BRV while Rannvijay threw challenges at them, which eventually they all managed to complete.

But the biggest challenge for Hriday turned out to be getting his friends to believe his story. “I kept wondering if it was some April Fools prank. I am hardly active on social media and never really the exhibitionist kind of a person. But I think it’s a crime these days not to share every bit of personal detail,” he said, while letting out a grin.

Close friend Neha was critical of him for not keeping up with the times. “He’s got to be living under a rock if he hasn’t shared his pics. I mean an adventure trip and he’s got nothing to upload. Even for trivial things like painting my nails, I take around 10 selfies and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And this guy has been touring the country without sharing anything on his FB page. That’s sacrilege,” she said, almost threatening Hriday of dire consequences if he didn’t do some damage control right away.

Not just friends, Hriday’s 60 year old aunt too looked skeptical at his claim of rappelling. “I have known him since he was a little kid and used to climb down water pipes. But rappelling down a waterfall? You need to show me the proof,” she said.

In an effort to convince his friends Hriday had now decided to upload not just selfies, but videos of the entire trip. “Luckily I have videos of all the challenges that we participated in. Rajeel, my co-participant, is passionate about photography. She managed to get some really nice shots of our tasks. Not just that, even Gaurav’s candid moments have been captured as he gorged on all the food that he could lay his hands on. Hopefully that should acquit me of the charge of a social media culprit,” said the adventure enthusiast, almost heaving a sigh of relief.

Check out some videos of Hriday, Rajeel and Gaurav’s roadtrip with Rannvijay. Can they get through the challenges?