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Man looking like Mummy with bandages over his face kidnapped by smugglers

28, May 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In a bizarre development, a man with bandages wrapped all over his face was mistaken as a Mummy and kidnapped by a group of artifacts smugglers earlier today.

Bhootnath Sharma, the kidnapped man, had some really nasty cuts while shaving and he was trying to hide those by having that dressing over his face.

The undead Mummy
The victim of kidnapping and shaving

“He has been a regular user of shaving blade, and thus a regular victim of shaving cuts. We told him to switch to either go to a barber or switch to an electric shaver or become a bearded grandpa,” a close friend of Bhootnath told Faking News.

“But instead of appearing like a grandpa, he ended up looking like a Mummy, and now he has ended up being kidnapped!” the friend added.

Sources confirm that Bhootnath was often seen with some or the other part of his face hidden under such first aid treatments. Most of his neighbors never saw his original face.

This morning, he was sleeping in the society park where some smugglers saw him. They thought he was some Mummy and immediately planned to make quick bucks by selling him to some museum.

Bhootnath was immediately taken away in a kidnapping van, but the smugglers soon realized that their Mummy was never dead. Bhootnath soon confessed to them and owned up his reality of being a living Mummy:

Reportedly, one of the kidnappers was so touched by his story that he gifted him Philips Aquatouch electric shaver, while another one was adamant on selling him to a museum.

“Who uses blades even after being cut so regularly? Such guys should definitely be sent to museum!” a kidnapper said.