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Man on dieting sues restaurant owner after finding huge discounts on dishes he likes

20, Mar 2015 By Ad-min

New Delhi. Ram Kapoor, a 36-year-old man with 52-inch waist decided to go on a controlled diet to lose some flab after 58 weeks of introspection. However, his dieting plan was derailed within 48 hours of its start.

Ram cancelled his dieting plan after realizing that he had an opportunity to have discounted lunches and dinners at a local restaurant.

“The food here is great, and now they are also offering discounts,” Ram Kapoor told Faking News while having his sixth lunch in the last two weeks at the same restaurant.

A foodie
Just one burger more won’t harm, Ram Kapoor would always think.

Kapoor had decided to go on a diet to lose weight after he failed to find attractive discounts on gymnasium memberships in his locality. While searching for gym discounts, he came across Kotak bank offers on restaurants, and thus cancelled his plans of dieting.

After dining at his favourite restaurant several times, the foodie, as his Twitter bio reads, is now planning to sue the restaurant for spoiling his dieting plans.

“At a time when I should have been dropping flab off my belly, I was dropping kebabs in my belly,” he rued.

Ram is justifying his decision to sue, by claiming that it was a part of the restaurant owner’s “conspiracy”.

“I know the restaurant owner. He’s like a friend. I had even told him that I was going on a diet and thus will visit the restaurant rarely,” Kapoor claimed.

“The restaurant owner lured me with the Kotak card discounts to make sure that his business doesn’t go down as I was responsible for 10% of his entire business! What a cheat!” he added.

The restaurant owner has, on his part, clarified that it was Kotak bank’s tie up and that they were just partners, so they can’t be held liable.

But Kapoor is insistent that the restaurant was at fault.

He plans to seek Rs. 30 lakhs from the restaurant owner as damages.

Justifying the compensation amount, Kapoor explained, “I was hoping to travel economy class after getting slimmer, now I’ll have to travel business class. That is the kind of money I will be losing.”

“I will refund the money that I have saved through the discounts once the restaurant pays the damages,” he concluded.