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Man plans to watch Pro Kabaddi matches to learn boarding Delhi Metro at Rajiv Chowk station

18, Jul 2015 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After trying unsuccessfully to board a metro coach at Rajiv Chowk station in the last six months, Rajaram Reddy has now found a new ray of hope – Kabaddi.

Reddy, who moved to the National Capital Region (NCR) six months ago to stabilize his long term relationship he was having with a girl on Twitter, suddenly found that his relationship was at greater risk due to his inability to board metro on time.

Pro Kabaddi match
Rajaram Reddy could imagine himself trying to board the Delhi Metro on Yellow Line when he saw such images on TV. (image courtesy: Star Sports)

Reddy, who worked lived in Gurgaon after getting a transfer from Bangalore, would often take Delhi Metro to meet his girlfriend who lived in Noida.

“I arrived late for coffee with her on all the first three occasions as I could not board the metro on time,” Reddy recalled how his relationship almost ended after his relocation to NCR.

“She threatened not only to dump me, but even unfollow me on Twitter!” he revealed, “Imagine! You lose your girlfriend and even your follower count goes down. I was very scared!”

To save his relationship and Twitter stats, Rajaram started leaving his office at least 70 minutes earlier than usual. Out of this, he will use up at least 30 minutes at Rajiv Chowk and another 20 minutes waiting at the coffee shop while sending emojis to his girlfriend on WhatsApp.

“Forget getting a seat, I had to learn tricks on how to get inside a coach,” he explained how his journey to meet his girlfriend would shape up, “From a Bahubali fighting armies, I had to quickly turn into a Romeo singing love songs in the coffee shop.”

But earlier this week, Rajaram was inspired by Pro Kabaddi TV ads, where people stuck in hopeless situations like his could find a way out thanks to their change in attitude of taking panga.

“I could see myself in all those TV ads,” Rajaram said, “And I also realized that boarding metro at Rajiv Chowk was nothing but a kabaddi match, and I needed to learn the strategies of the game to get success.”

“The way people push you out of the metro coach while you are trying to get in is similar to what happens in kabaddi,” he further added, “Only that instead of holding their breath as they do in kabaddi matches, they are breathing hard on you in the Metro coach.”

Rajaram claims that on Wednesday this week, he could board a metro coach in second attempt itself, thanks to the new enthusiasm he got after watching Pro Kabaddi ads.

“I just hope that Star Sports doesn’t put up those ads inside Metro stations, else everyone will learn those tricks and I might start losing again,” he hoped as he switched on his TV to watch Pro Kabaddi.