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Man prays to God asking for a solution for his problems, mother-in-law goes missing

29, Nov 2016 By Ad-min

Sreenivasan Iyer, techie from Chennai who was on a trip to Madhya Pradesh, would never have thought in his wildest dreams that his trip would turn out to be eventful, after the disappearance of his mother-in-law led to anxious moments for him and his wife.


The techie was in Omkareshwar with his wife and mother-in-law, hoping to get immersed in the treasure trove of beautiful temples and also seek a solution for the myriad of problems he’s been facing in his personal life.

Speaking to Faking News, Sreenivasan said, “I was in Omkareshwar and was hopping across temples while my wife and mother-in-law were shopping for Maheshwari saree’s in Omkareshwar. Both were desperate to buy one. I was at the temple located on the banks of river Narmada and like other pilgrims I asked the almighty for a solution to my problems. No sooner I was done praying, I heard my wife screams about ‘Amma’ going missing.”

“I know that the universe works in mysterious ways, but this was just unexpected. I mean do prayers get answered so quickly?” he questioned, trying hard to hide smile.

The local administration said that the island was visited by a large number of pilgrims but usually such incidents were rare and that the missing woman would be traced soon.

Assisted by their tour guide, the couple went on a frantic search for the mother-in-law. But the woman was nowhere to be seen till late afternoon. “From Narmada ghat to Siddhanath temple, we looked at every nook and corner. We even searched through Ahilyabai Fort, thinking that she could be in the museum, which I feel is the ideal place for her,” said Mr. Iyer, even as his wife pinched him for being sarcastic.

After 4 hours of searching all over the island, the missing woman was found on Narmada Bridge, where she was busy taking selfies and uploading it on her Facebook page.

Completely oblivious to the commotion surrounding her disappearance she looked nonchalant about the entire incident and blamed her son-in-law for not keeping up with her while on the trip.

Meanwhile, as the news of ‘Missing Mother-in-Law’ made it to main stream media, many harassed husbands converged in Omkareshwar.

“The incident happened just yesterday and we already have around 5000 tourists in Omkareshwar today. We have only seen such crowds during Kumbh Mela in Ujjain. Most of them want to know the location of the temple which makes your ‘saas’ disappear,” said an official associated with the state tourism department.

There were also some who said that the incident highlighted the need for a National Commission for Men, which would look at issues pertaining to men and more specifically of husbands.