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Man refuses salary hike as he will have to pay higher taxes

15, Dec 2015 By Ad-min

Gurgaon: Ankit Kumar, 29, who’s been unhappy with the way his career has been growing, has refused a 7% mid-year salary hike offered by his company, as he would have to pay more taxes.

Salary Hike? No Thank You
Salary Hike? No Thank You

“Only earlier this year I had finalized my financial planning and minimized my tax liability. I can’t screw up that. I don’t want to pay higher taxes,” Ankit explained.

Sources (Ankit’s CA friend, who has since April this year unfriended him on Facebook) confirm that Ankit is obsessed with tax savings and was fully capable of refusing a salary hike.

“He met me at a restaurant in April. He said he wanted to remember our college days, but all he discussed was income tax,” sources revealed to Faking News, “He offered to bring food from kitchen and wash utensils for the restaurant manager saying he didn’t want to pay service tax! Finally I paid the bill.”

Others too confirm the tax saving obsession of Ankit.

“His office colleague narrowly missed being run over by a bus, after which he called me up saying he wanted to buy a life insurance policy,” an HDFC Life official recalled, “I explained to him all the benefits of life insurance, and then unfortunately talked about tax benefits.”

“And that was it! He simply forgot about everything I explained and talked only about tax saving part,” the HDFC Life official recalled, “He finally took a plan to save little tax that he could save after taking into account his other investments, not considering what his family needed.”

“I pray for him,” he continued, “I guess the only way he risks being run over by a bus is if he’s crossing the road engrossed in thinking about how to save more taxes!”

Ankit’s wife too is fed up with his ‘taxophobia’. “I fail to remember the last time we spent quality with each other. Even watching a movie at multiplex is prohibited till it becomes tax-free. Can someone please cure his obsession with tax saving,” said Ankit’s wife Ayesha, as she desperately sought professional help for her husband.