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Man searching for best priced Smartphone for girlfriend spends too much time at retail stores; ends up losing his girlfriend

28, Jul 2017 By Ad-min

Gifting when in a relationship invokes feelings of happiness, gratefulness & anticipation. Gifting something which stays pretty close to your girlfriend throughout the day makes more sense than gifting antique pieces which gather dust over a period of time. And that is precisely what Shwetank Jain thought while deciding to gift a smartphone to his girlfriend.


Smartphone brands have been engulfing the market with new models quite recurrently. In fact thinking of a smartphone to buy is a challenge comparable to finding a girlfriend for yourself. Shwetank, though a tech savvy guy, uses internet mostly to post check-ins and photos with his girlfriend. He has not yet realized the full power of Flipkart  when it comes to buying smartphone at best price. So the only tools he possessed were a calculator to calculate discounts up to the 5th decimal, a printout of the map showing handset retailers across the city, and thus began his journey called ‘finding smartphone at the best price’.

The swiftness at which Shwetank hopped from one retail store to another would have made him eligible to participate in a full marathon. He used all his shouting skills gathered after watching long news debates on primetime to get the best possible discount at the retail stores. In fact, at some of the stores he had to be escorted out with the help of security personnel. But credit goes to his optimism for hanging in there throughout the weekend.

It was only on Monday morning, after getting numerous fuming texts from his girlfriend, that he remembered the promise he had made to his girlfriend to spend the whole weekend with her. These days according to her were pretty important days in their life as they had completed a full month of dating. Would you believe it, Shwetank forgot the one month anniversary just because he was roaming around retail stores. And he had to pay a heavy price for it, or let’s say no price for it, because after breakup you need not gift a smartphone to your ex.

Only Flipkart can preclude you from ‘losing your girlfriend’ and ‘wasting your weekends’. And if you don’t believe that Flipkart offers smartphones at best prices and you have some weekends to waste on searching for best prices at retail stores, then you are the perfect candidate for Flipkart superphone challenge which starts from 24th July. Yes, but do make sure you have informed your girlfriend about your weekend plans.