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Man regularly sending spiritual messages on WhatsApp declared spiritual guru

28, Nov 2016 By Ad-min

If you thought that being a spiritual guru requires one to have a complete understanding of the meaning of life, then you may have to change your beliefs. In the age of social media, posting motivational messages could just give you the shortcut to attaining the revered title of a guru.


Rajesh Verma, a Delhi resident who was a doctor till a few days back, realized just that after he was declared a spiritual guru for regularly posting spiritual and motivational messages on different WhatsApp group that he was part of.

The honor was conferred on him by Global Spiritual Leaders Association, who went through his enviable count of posting 1000 WhatsApp messages before finally crowning him a Guru.

The news was greeted with mixed reactions from friends and family, many were happy and hoped that now Rajesh would focus more on his duties as a spiritual leader and not spam them with Good Morning messages.

In an effort understand his transformation from a doctor to a guru, Faking News reporter met Rajesh in the spiritual town of Ujjain, where he has now relocated leaving behind his medical practice in Delhi.

Baba WhatsApp, as he is popularly known to his followers, draws followers from all over the world to the town of Ujjain which has seen such crowds during the Kumbh Mela held every 12 years on the banks of river Shipra.

Large hoardings of Baba, which dotted the colorful streets of the temple city, were evidence enough of his growing popularity.

Rajesh, who dumped the white coat and stethoscope and took a more serene green robe which was reminiscent of WhatsApp logo, looked the perfect guru on the hoarding.

Though omnipresent, Baba seemed elusive as we tried to catch up with him, wading our way through his sea of followers.

Luckily for our reporter, Baba was kind enough to take some time out from his meditation and answer some of our questions on how WhatsApp messaging transformed him into a guru.

“My medical practice wasn’t doing too well. I blame it entirely on my handwriting. People refused to believe that I was doctor after looking at how neatly written my prescriptions were. I used to have a lot of free time in my clinic as no one visited it. WhatsApp was my only source of recreation. I didn’t realize that sending WhatsApp forwards could open the gates of spirituality for me,” he said, while sitting in lotus position.

When questioned about making Ujjain his home, Baba said, “Now that I am a guru, there is no better place than Ujjain. It’s hard to escape the spiritual charm of this place. The various temples evoke the glorious past of this place and also give you a sense of being closer to God. In fact, it was a meditation at the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga that opened my third eye and made me WhatsApp Baba that I am today.”

With devotees from all over thronging his ashram, it was difficult to get the spiritual guru to answer any more of our questions even as he proceeded for what many called ‘Temple Run’.

“Baba starts the day with a dip at the Ram ghat. Then plays Temple Run before finally settling down in his ashram for his morning discourse,” said Pidika Padukonova, a Russian devotee of Baba WhatsApp.

When asked if she was referring to the popular game Temple Run, Pidika replied in negative. “Baba is a fitness freak and he does cardio to keep himself healthy. Every morning he runs across the various temples in Ujjain like the Mahakaleshwar temple, the Harisiddhi temple, Mangalnath temple and seeks blessing of the almighty,” she said, clarifying to our reporter the meaning of ‘Temple Run’.