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Man tracks down school friend on Facebook to recover money which he had loaned him in class eight

12, Nov 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In yet another example of how social media is helping reunion of separated friends, Prateek, a 25 years old man tracked down his school friend Manish on Facebook to recover money which he had loaned him in class 8.

As per Prateek, he had given Manish Rs 100 to help him buy a cricket bat, when they were studying together in class 8th some 12 years ago.

But to settle an old scrore.

“But Manish never cared to return the money,” Prateek said, adding that Manish left the school the following year, “He was one of those guys, to whom money was just a piece of paper, when it belonged to someone else.”

Since then, they were not in touch. But that changed last week, when Prateek using his Facebook search expertise, managed to find Manish.

“I was inspired from a real life story, where a UK based family reunited with their long-lost grandfather who disappeared more than 50 years ago after tracking him down on Facebook,” Prateek continued, “I was hopeless about my money, till the time I read this story.”

After tracking down Manish, the biggest challenge in front of Prateek was to make Manish accept his friend request.

“The moment I saw his profile pic, I immediately recognized him. You never forget the face of a person who owes you some money. I sent him a friend request, but he didn’t accept it. I guess, he somehow sensed my intentions,” Prateek told Faking News, narrating the mission.

It was then, Prateek created another Facebook profile with the profile pic and the name of some random girl and sent a friend request to Manish, once again.

“This time it worked. It was a perfect honey trap!” said a visibly jubilant Prateek, who is also a big fan of espionage movies. Then Prateek started chatting with Manish and within a couple of days he revealed his true identity. Manish was caught off guard.

Afraid of name and shame on Facebook, Manish finally agreed to pay back the money along with interest.

As Manish is already registered on, a unique service which allows him to transfer money to his Facebook friends securely & instantly, Prateek is hopeful that Manish will transfer money to his account quickly.

“I have also registered on, so I don’t need to share my account details with Manish to add me as a beneficiary. My being on his Facebook friends list is sufficient enough,” Prateek explained the benefits of instant money transfer through