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Man wakes up smiling on Monday morning while others are dealing with Monday blues. Invited on TED talks to share his secret

29, Jan 2018 By Ad-min

Mumbai which has often been described as the Financial Capital of India never fails to offer us interesting stories. Lot has been said about the traffic conditions, stress related to travel, struggle to find a good place to live and not to forget the universal problem of Monday blues. But then if we have difficulties on one side we do have hope and faith on the other. And that’s exactly what Sanil Jain proved few days back by waking up with a smiling face on a Monday, that’s right, on a Monday. The story has spread like fire and in no time he has been invited by TED Talks to speak on his historic achievement.


Sanil’s story is one full of optimism and courage. Because to smile in a metro city requires a real good reason. And a few thousand and lac reasons if you only smile while looking at your salary slip. But not long before, even Sanil was a normal guy who woke up with all the tensions in this world. The PowerPoint presentation to be made in the office, due date of his credit card payment approaching, Indian cricket team not living up to the expectations and few thousands other things to deal with. He even joked with his friends that he would be willing to give up half his salary provided he doesn’t have to get up early on a Monday.

One of the major reasons as revealed by Sanil to the Faking News reporter for him suffering from the Monday Blues earlier was the fact that due to so many things piling up on a Monday morning, his breakfast habits took a serious hit. So much so that most of the times it was his breakfast which provided the sacrifice to balance out the other things.

But not anymore as Sanil adds “After I heard about MTR’s 3 Minute Breakfast , I thought it to be a joke. I mean I haven’t heard about any breakfast which can be prepared only in 3 minutes. But having tried so many things to improve my Mondays I gave this option a shot. I just have to add hot water, wait for 3 minutes and then it is ready! It is tasty and wholesome. There are so many options too – Poha, Upma, Oats and Halwa. All of these traditional options make #MTRIndiaKaBreakfast which I have always loved to have. Believe me, I have 99 worries on a Monday morning and breakfast is certainly not one of them now. My smile on a Monday morning is mainly because of the extra sleep time that I get because my breakfast is ready in 3 minutes flat with the help of #MTRBreakfastin3”

We certainly hope that Sanil’s TED talks will give others a way out from their Monday blues and even make them also smile on a Monday morning. Meanwhile you can thank us later for letting the secret out even before the awaited talk is aired. Try the MTR’s 3 Minute Breakfast and experience the journey for yourself.