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Man who lost his memory 30 years ago regains it after being beaten up in road rage

01, Jun 2016 By Ad-min

New Delhi. Incidents of road rage maybe have become a bane for the people of Delhi, but one man would definitely think otherwise after a fight with another driver at the busy traffic intersection of Patparganj helped him regain his memory.

Rocky Singh, a Delhi based automobile dealer was ecstatic after his latest road rage fight that left him with a torn shirt, a broken tooth, a gash on head, but a regained memory that he had lost 30 years ago when he fell in a ditch while trying to throw his friend in the pit.

Speaking to Faking News about the incident, Rocky said, “I was getting late for work and was thinking of jumping the red light when this stupid SUV slowed down and stopped when the light turned yellow. Can you believe it? A 6 minute long red signal was to happen and yet he slowed down his SUV which is meant to run fast! I didn’t know what to do for the next 3 minutes so I decided to have a fight.”

Rocky, when he saw the SUV slowing down at the traffic signal.

Eyewitnesses confirm that Rocky came out of his Sedan abusing mother and sister of the unknown SUV driver and signaled to slap him. Normally the SUV driver would do the same from inside his vehicle, but the driver came out despite the summer heat and abused him back.

“It was a wonderful sight. We all switched off our engines and lowered down the window panes hoping to see a good fight,” Mihir, an eyewitness with whom Faking News later got in touch recalled, “And we were not disappointed.”

The SUV driver and Rocky hit each other on faces, spat on each other, torn each other’s shirts, and challenged to break each other’s cars before Rocky fell down on the ground unconscious.

Saala 2 minute mein dher ho gaya,” Mihir rued how the road rage ended too soon for the rest of them as Rocky had to be taken to the hospital by a strange citizen who decided to intervene instead of recording the entire incident on his mobile phone.

Rocky confirmed that he was hit hard on his head with a small marble statue of Gandhiji by the SUV driver and that caused him the road rage to get over too soon.

“The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital, surrounded by family members and to my surprise I could recognize all of them! Something that never happened in the last 30 years,” he said, marveling at the way the universe conspires.

“I even recognized the friend whom I had tried to throw in the pit 30 years ago! He says he has forgiven me,” Rocky revealed.

Friends and family members of Rocky are relieved and happy after the incident and they have thanked the unknown SUV driver who knocked Rocky unconscious.

He is a good man,” Rocky’s 7-year-old son said, “I always hated my father getting involved in road rages, and I wanted him to be a good man. I hope he learns from this incident.”