Mandatory for bikes to have a stepney, new regulation to be passed soon

30, Aug 2019 By Ad-min

Taking cognizance of biker grievances, government is now planning to make stepneys mandatory for two-wheelers.


The decision to have spare tyres for bikes was taken after findings of a nationwide study threw across some startling facts.

As per the study, there is a direct correlation between riding a two-wheeler and ‘reaching a place on time’.

Around 1000 bikers from all over the country were part of the study and corroborated the finding that there is a 95% chance of not reaching a given place on time if you are on a two-wheeler.

Speaking briefly on the finding, a Tyre Expert who was part of the group conducting the study spoke to our reporter and said, “From our research it is clear that bikers are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to being punctual. And that is because of the absence of a stepney to bail you out when you get a flat tyre.”

Some of the bikers that our reporter spoke to had harrowing stories to tell about their bike tyre woes.

A 24 year old IT employee from Bengaluru recollected his ordeal on how he missed out on a job offer after his bike tyre couldn’t take the potholed roads in the city and went flat enroute to the interview.

“Whoever designed these bikes clearly did not think it through. We need a spare tyre and we need it now. Going for an interview is stressful enough and adding to that pain now I have to worry about finding a garage to fix my tyre,” he said in a ballistic tone while speaking to our reporter.

Similar sentiments were echoed by other two-wheeler owners too.

Gurpreet Singh, a Delhi based engineering student, had to repeat a year after he couldn’t make it to the examination venue on time. “It is difficult getting through engineering college and just when I was all set to crack the exams, these wretched tyres went flat. I had to drag my bike all the way the exam center. But it was too late by then. All my other batch-mates have graduated while I am still sitting for exams,” he lamented.

Sources say that the aforementioned biking community has filed a petition in an effort to draw the government’s attention to their predicament.

The group has not ruled out the possibility of widespread protests if their demands are not met.

Interestingly, this long standing issue saw representation from Bollywood as well.

Actor Balwan Khan, who is known for his racing flicks, came all out in support of the protesting group.

He revealed how flat tyres were solely responsible for him not reaching on time for a date, on not just one but several occasions.

“Why do you think I am still single? Four wheeler gets stuck in traffic and two wheeler tyres end up flat. How do I reach anywhere on time. Not sure if I will ever get married,” he said sounding a bit frustrated.

The Ministry of Motorbikes now hopes to end the misery of bike owners by making spare tyres mandatory. Insiders say that a law could be passed in the next Parliament session.

It will be interesting to see how this mandatory requirement of stepney pans out.

Readers can check this space for regular updates on this new law.