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Married men from across the country flock to Saas-Bahu temple in MP after rumor that clicking selfie at the temple ends marital woes

13, Oct 2016 By Ad-min

Married men from across the country are flocking to the Saas-Bahu temple in Madhya Pradesh after rumors that a selfie with the temple could be a miracle cure for those who are besieged with problems in their personal life. More specifically Saas-Bahu problems.

Not just for its beautiful architecture, the Saas-bahu temple is a rumored solution for your marital problem
Not just for its beautiful architecture, the Saas-bahu temple is also a rumored solution for your marital problems

Ankit Arora, a business man from Delhi, whose Facebook post on how a selfie at the temple got him some conjugal peace, spoke to our reporter and said, “Like most married men, I too was having a hard time trying to broker peace between my mother and wife. After my persistent pleas, they both agreed to a cease-fire. That however didn’t last for long and the ‘surgical strikes’ from either side continued. I thought a visit to my favorite tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh would be a great way to escape the monotony of daily life and give myself a much needed break.”

Elaborating on his selfie that gave hope to thousands of men across India, Ankit said, “Along with other tourist attractions in Madhya pradesh, I visited the Saas-Bahu temple and was overawed by its architecture and took a few selfies. After returning home I was pleasantly surprised to see the camaraderie between my mother and wife. So while commenting on my Facebook post, I jokingly pointed out that the peace could be due to selfies taken at the temple.”

Apparently, the post garnered around 20k Likes and has been shared 5000 times on Facebook. With many flooding the comments section with their Saas-Bahu story.

“I didn’t realize that people would take it so seriously. Seems like we all are in the same boat,” said Ankit with a hint of solidarity in his voice.

Not just social media, mainstream media too picked up the story. One particular News Channel even carried a special report titled ‘Saas-Bahu Aur Selfie’.

It’s not yet clear if the rumor has any effect on the equation between Saas and Bahu. But it definitely has got the tour guides smiling.

Amidst the quaint settings of Saas-Bahu temple, tourist guides were seen handing out selfie sticks to visitors.

Our reporter spoke to one such guide who was happy with the prospect of getting more business. “What most tourists think as Saas-Bahu is actually Sahastrabahu temple. We tried to clear the misconception, but visitors still want to take selfies. So be it, we are not complaining as long as it gets us more business,” said a tour guide on the condition of anonymity.

Even though the rumor has led to rise in number of tourists visiting the states, the MP tourism department has refrained from commenting on the selfie phenomenon.

“If these men really want some happiness in their personal life, I would recommend planning a trip with their families to other beautiful places in Madhya Pradesh as well. We have temples, forts, wildlife sanctuaries and safaris. An unforgettable experience for the entire family,” said an official of the tourism department, as he stretched his arm to take a selfie with the Sashastrabahu temple.

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