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‘Ministry of Bail’! Indian state becomes the first one to have such ministry. Read more

24, Feb 2018 By Ad-min

There are several politicians in India who have been sentenced to imprisonment regarding several criminal cases against them. But the time interval between them being arrested and then being released on bail is minimal in most cases. Most politicians have a full-time lawyer working day and night to arrange bail at the earliest and what we see in the movies is not an exaggeration but reality. The main sufferers in these cases are the common people, as much developmental work gets postponed and files get stuck. CM Chaitu Lal has come up with a solution to end this suffering. He has formed a ‘ministry of bail’ in his cabinet. This is one of the 26 ministries he has added as part of his ‘Right to the ministry for all MLAs’.

Could we have asked for anything more from the CM?
Could we have asked for anything more from the CM?

Ministries are formed on the basis of what percentage of time goes into dealing with a particular area of concern. Spending too much time in being arrested and getting bailed out, the ministers requested Chaitu Lal to make the bail process smooth so that the common man doesn’t suffer. The ministry of bail formed recently will keep track of all upcoming cases involving an MLA and will arrange for a smooth bailing out process. Lawyers will be allocated basis the importance of that MLA. The fees paid to the lawyers will be recovered through a ‘bail for MLA cess’ as in the long run the money spent will be useful for the exchequer.

Chaitu Lal will keep the ministry under his authority for the initial 6 months as he thinks that this is the most important ministry in the state and will set an example for the center to follow. Faking News reporter spoke to Chaitu Lal and he had this to say,” Whenever some of my MLAs decided to do so developmental work, they were being arrested the next day. How can a government function this way? First of all filing a case against a politician has become like a fashion which needs to stop if the state wants to progress. I will see to it that the promise of development is fulfilled properly and the common man sees those benefits on the ground.”

This was just one of the many #KyaUlluBanaya instances from Chaitu Lal’s stint as the CM. The jury is out on whether Chaitu Lal is living up to people’s expectations or not, but the audience can expect guaranteed entertainment on STAR PLUS’s new show ‘Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai’ from 26th Feb at 8 PM