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Mumbai guy reads full newspaper in a crowded local, hired by news channel as journalist to cover Syria war

31, Mar 2017 By Ad-min

Talent is everywhere, and literally everywhere. It just needs the right person at the right time to unearth it. Something similar happened in a Mumbai local. A daily commuter had never imagined that he would land a job at a big news channel for his ability to read a newspaper in a crowded local train.

mumbai local

We are talking about Mr. Shugato Banerjee who shuttles from Borivali to Dadar, daily morning to his office in a Mumbai local. He has to leave early from home to avoid the peak hour rush and so has no time to read newspaper at home. But he manages to do the same inside the jam-packed local. He has developed a skill to make space inside the local, and read the full newspaper during his 40 minutes journey.

Most of his fellow travelers are aware of Shugato’s daily routine and they never create a scene if his habit leads to some inconvenience to them like ‘Shugato’s hand hitting someone’s head’, ‘slapping someone by mistake while turning the pages’ etc.

Monday was the day when God decided to reward his abilities by sending an angel in the local compartment. That angel was Mr. Jagdish Malik who works at a famous News Channel in the HR department. Jagdish had an opportunity to closely watch Shugato as he read page after page of news, without getting bothered by any obstacles or lack of space. Jagdish thought of the act as something which was performed under extreme conditions e.g. a war like situation. He definitely had something in his mind as he approached Shugato and offered him a job with his company.

Yes, the job of a news reporter, reporting live from the warzone of Syria, a position which was vacant since last 1 month as no one had the required skills to tackle life-threatening conditions in a war situation. Shugato’s story inspires us to believe in ourselves and never let anything stop in doing something we love to. But at the same time not many of us have the skills required to execute Shugato’s daily routine. For them UC News is the perfect platform to read news, utilize time, anywhere on a smartphone (without slapping anyone).

Best of luck, may you find your own Jagdish someday