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New matrimony site ties up with credit rating agencies to help in better matchmaking

18, Mar 2015 By Ad-min

New Delhi. A new matrimony site has been launched that claims not only to match prospective brides and grooms based on their interests and backgrounds, but also help them in running the marriage without the risk of bankruptcy.

“Every website these days is making sure they don’t have frauds or fake profiles, so we decided to look for another USP,” Rupesh Kumar, the founder of told Faking News.

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“We finally realized that the real challenge of a marriage was running it successfully – both emotionally and financially – than hunting for prospective partners,” he added.

Rupesh claimed that this research team studied data of various married couples who had run into rough weathers within 3 years of marriage, and he realized that many of these had to do with having bad financial management than any emotional or family problems.

“See, you may end up marrying a person who spends more on buying new phones even before the new salary has been credited. He is not a fraud, but this could make your marriage unsustainable,” he gave an example.

“A person’s credit-worthiness has to be one of the 36 gunas astrologers and priests match before marriage,” he said, “Since that is not going to happen easily, we have tied with credit rating agencies to help a person discover the financial prudence of the person they are considering for alliance.”

Click2Marry will warn a user with negative credit ratings to select a person with a similar rating, even if the user finds all other attributes quite appealing, as this could result in a certain bankrupt marriage.

“We are not barring people with negative ratings from registering on the website,” the founder clarified, “Everybody has a right to marry!”

Users have mostly reacted positively to this new feature the new website. However, some serial credit card defaulters are worried that they may remain forever alone.

“What if this website has also tied up with recovery agents?” one such defaulter expressed his concerns, “Maybe the recovery agents will call up the father of the girl whom I choose and tell him about my pending bills. This is bad!”