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New Micromax phone allows users to copy jokes in English and tweet in regional languages

29, May 2014 By Ad-min

New Delhi. As more and more people were getting caught copying others’ jokes and publishing as their own on Twitter, a new phone by Micromax has come as a ray of hope to such “tweet chors”.

Our sources reveal that the new phone – Micromax Unite – comes with a feature that can translate a sentence of English into regional languages and vice versa. The model is already a rage among the Twitterati.

Micromax Unite 2
An unwelcome entrant into scheme of things

“This is so cool. I just copied a joke from a guy with just 100 followers, translated it to Hindi, and got so many RTs. People are still to find out that I copied,” a Twitter user calling himself “Sir Jadeja” told Faking News.

Twitter experts point out that of late, many people have been searching for keywords on Twitter after reading a funny tweet to find out if someone else had tweeted the same. This has led to many tweet chors being caught.

“Some are smart and copy-paste the tweets to Facebook instead, but even there they are caught eventually,” a Twitter policeman claimed.

But the new Micromax phone allows them to bypass this keyword search threat.

“Since the words in the original tweet are translated, the e-policemen will not know what keyword to search for to investigate a possible theft,” said a visibly happy “Sir Jadeja”.

“This is awesome!” the tweet chor said as he translated a tweet from Tamil and sent out to his 35k followers. He immediately got 50 RTs.

While the tweet chors are happy, Micromax has denied that they were promoting tweet theft. The company has clarified that it launched the phone with noble intentions.

“We were helping people connect by translating their languages, but we didn’t know this feature will be misused. If we are guilty of anything, it’s only about making Akshay Kumar laugh like Rahul Mahajan. But in this case, we are totally innocent,” a Micromax representative issued a clarification.