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Newly married couple declare themselves bankrupt, seek bailout from parents

06, Jan 2015 By Ad-min

Mumbai. A young couple, Vijay and Mallika, who got married six months ago after dating each other for a couple of years, have declared themselves bankrupt and seeking bailout form parents.

Sources confirm that the couple still had a lot of love among them but had run out of cash. They also realized that The Eagles’ song lyrics “when we’re hungry, love will keep us alive” was not correct.

“We couldn’t order the cheese burst pizza last night as we have run out of even sodexo coupons,” Vijay confirmed, “We are hungry and alive, but we need more than love.”

26-year-old Vijay, working as a software engineer had got 5 lakh rupees in his savings bank account when he decided to get married to his 25-year-old girlfriend Mallika in May this year. Mallika too had 3 lakhs rupees and some jewelry that she had saved after working for four years in an FMCG company.

Once they were back from a 14-day long honeymoon in various European cities, the couple realized that they had used up all their savings and had to take advance salaries to set up their new home.

“We didn’t realize that the honeymoon trip will be so expensive,” Vijay said as he showed this reporter a miniature of Eiffel Tower that he bought for 100 Euros.

“I guess I shouldn’t have bought it,” he added, “If we had that money, I could have paid for the yearly subscription to our DTH service. Now we can’t see Paris even on Discovery channel!”

Distressed couple
Mallika and Vijay, before they concluded that they needed a bailout package

Experts confirm that the current condition of the couple was more leveraged than the US economy or comparable to some airline companies back in India.

“Vijay-Mallika were flying high, now they are grounded,” an expert explained how the couple mismanaged their married life.

“Instead of keeping all money as savings or as jewelry, they should have invested into a plan that gave them returns in future,” the expert added.

However the only returns the couple witnessed in their married life were return of utility bills, restaurant bills, salary slips stripped down due to advance loan deduction, and friends asking if they can get back the money they had loaned.

Earlier this week, the couple realized that they had no money left in bank accounts and no money-lending friend left in Facebook accounts. Finally, they decided to seek a bailout from their parents.

“Our parents have been successfully running their marriages for over 30 years now,” Mallika told Faking News, “We have asked for professional help and a bailout package.”

Vijay said that as part of this bailout package, he was willing to allow the parents to “restructure” the marriage. For example, Mallika’s parents were allowed to Vijay as an asset in form of ghar-jamai from a liability as jamai without ghar.

Latest reports suggest that the parents of the couple were evaluating the proposal sent by their children and they could provide a bailout package if the Vijay-Mallika promised returns in shape of grandchildren.