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Now renting out the extra space in your refrigerator is possible, thanks to Kingfisher Instant Beer mix!

31, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Two things necessary to create a happy weekend are friends and beer. But while we give importance to these two things we miss out on the most underrated thing- spacious refrigerator. Stocking up beers during the weekends or during the time of a random house party is an art in itself.


Few engineering students have in fact designed formula of how many beer bottles you can stock inside a refrigerator. But every rule has an exception and the exception here is the time and effort taken in arranging the beer bottles which turns the house party into a just another beer arranging session.

Imagine you are calling your boss at a house party and trying to strike a conversation about how efficiently you have been working on every task given by him to you. And soon your boss realizes that efficiency is surely not your strong point when it comes to serving beer at a proper temperature.

Indians have been the masters of Juggad and it surprises me that no one took the effort to solve this basic problem of portability associated with beers. I mean why a thing that is a symbol of freedom should be caged inside a bottle.

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Kingfisher, the makers of the best beer in India have surely earned a lot of fans with their latest innovation. Kingfisher has launched Kingfisher Instant Beer. With its patented Freeze Dryingᵀᴹ technology, Kingfisher has introduced sachets of beer powder that can be used to make instant beer with water-anytime, anywhere.

Now you can focus all your energies into making the list of who to invite and who not to invite in a house party rather than wasting your efforts into what things you should throw out from your fridge to create space for the beer bottles. It won’t be surprising if a Startup comes up with an idea of renting leftover refrigerator space among neighbors.  And if you think that this is just another build-up to an April fool joke, kindly have a look at this video.