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Passenger seen advising people to keep their luggage safe has his own luggage stolen leading to an awkward silence in the compartment!

09, May 2017 By Ad-min

PATNA: A train robbery has been reported yesterday in the Patna-bound Rajdhani Express near the Danapur division of Bihar prompting the rail authorities to investigate the matter. Though train robberies are still pretty much common in India, this one is bit different as the person whose belongings were stolen has a reputation of being a vigilant traveler. shutterstock_9487735

We are talking about Mr. Shwetank Srivastava who is a regular traveler between Delhi and Patna. He is known for his impeccable security measures while traveling. This has been conveyed by his family members and friends to our Faking News reporter. His co-passengers strengthened the claim by narrating what transpired during the journey. According to one of the co-passengers, Shwetank was not only taking good care of his luggage but was also advising others on safety habits to make their travel tension-free.

“He suggested some good habits to follow, like keeping wake up alarms timed at 2 hour intervals to check if the luggage is safe, using good quality steel chains to tie up the luggage to the hooks, checking out the body language of fellow travelers to detect any suspicious travelers and many more. In fact, it is because of his suggestions that my luggage was not stolen by the thieves”, said one of the co-passengers.

But Shwetank, in his kind gesture of helping others, forgot to properly look after his own luggage. He was shocked when he couldn’t find his luggage at the designated place and alerted the people around him about a possible case of robbery. If this was not embarrassing enough, more shock was to follow when Shwetank was asked by his co-passenger whether he had his travel insured. There was a moment of awkward silence in the compartment when Shwetank didn’t have any answer and his ‘attention to detail’ theory went for a toss.

The RPF is investigating the incident and are hoping to crack it soon. Meanwhile Shwetank, who is still trying to come to terms with the unfortunate incident, did find solace in the fact that he now is cognizant about a more foolproof measure to secure his travels i.e. a travel insurance from Bajaj Allianz, as suggested to him by one of his friends.