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Person who forgot Father’s day every year finally remembers it due to the India-Pak match, takes selfie with dad

16, Jun 2017 By Ad-min

Defending champions India set up a mouth-watering title clash with Pakistan on Sunday – a team they thrashed earlier in the league stage to kick start their campaign. The final against Pakistan is not only an eagerly awaited contest for spectators of both nations, but also for the millions of cricket fans in the world.


Social media is buzzing with jokes, analysis, insights and comments regarding the fiery contest expected on Sunday. One of the jokes which went viral was when Sehwag termed the Pakistani team as ‘betas’ who would be taking on the ‘daddy’ in the finals. It’s a mother of all co-incidences that 18th of June, the day of the final, is also father’s day.

The match date has helped people who usually would never remember father’s day, but this time they haven’t got any excuse to not remember. Sidharth Singh belongs to this elite category of people. Sidharth, who remembers his girlfriend’s birthday, his own birthday, his date of joining on Facebook and other very important things in life has never before remembered father’s day. But the Ind-Pak jokes on ‘father’ and ‘son’ have made him take note of this very important day. In fact, Sidharth became conscious of the fact that there are chances he may forget father’s day again, so he took out his OPPO smartphone and took a selfie with his father immediately.

Sidharth’s father who had lost hope many years ago about his son remembering father’s day is a happy father now and has the Ind-Pak match to thank for this awesome moment. Other than possessing the quality of ‘not remembering father’s day’, Sidharth has one more great quality of ‘not clicking good selfies’. Some of the reasons why Sidharth used to forget Father’s day were ‘no good pics with his father’, ‘no Ind-Pak match falling on the same day as Father’s day’, ‘never knowing in the first place when Father’s day is celebrated’ etc. This is where OPPO smartphone came to his rescue, because with the great camera features possessed by OPPO, and also the group selfie mode, Sidharth got an image to cherish for lifetime.

Before it’s too late and we get engrossed in the heated Ind-Pak match day debate, it makes sense for people to click a selfie with their dads, as the chance of forgetting father’s day on the eve of the match would increase with every ticking hour.