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Politician defends lack of streetlights in his area, says streetlights would make open spaces visible for urination

23, Feb 2018 By Ad-min

Under the Street Lighting National Program over 21 lakh conventional street lights have been replaced with LED street lights across the country. But still there remains a major part of the country where streetlights appear only in news and there are no streetlights on roads. Though the Central government plans to bring all such areas under the lighting schemes, old myths and lack of knowledge among many politicians are hampering the plan in rural areas. But Chaitu Lal doesn’t believe in old myths, in fact, he has his own myths.

What an innovation solution to deal with the open defecation problem
What an innovative solution to deal with the open defecation problem

Chaitu lal who recently became the CM of a reputed state defended his decision to not install streetlights in his constituency giving the reason that streetlights would, in turn, pollute his town as people will easily locate open spaces to urinate. This is indeed a noble initiative to discourage open defecation in the country. He has also promised to ban torch lights soon so that people cannot use any source of light while finding a place to urinate during the night. That’s what is called hitting the hammer at the right place.

Chaitu Lal also heaped praise on central government as it was their vision of Swachh Bharat which encouraged him to take the decision to boycott streetlights. The news became prominent yesterday when some officials from the Street Lighting National Programme visited his constituency to inspect the area where streetlights were to be installed. As soon as the news reached Chaitu Lal, he personally visited the site and explained the disadvantages of streetlights to the officials, to which the officials obliged.

Faking News reporter spoke to Chaitu Lal who had this to say,” Look, I am not against streetlights, but we also have to look at health and hygiene, which would be severely impacted due to the installation of streetlights. If Swachh Bharat has to become a success, then we have to boycott streetlights. Anyways vehicles plying on our roads have headlights, so what’s the need of streetlights. It’s a complete waste of taxpayer’s money. In fact, that money should be spent to build toilets for our citizens. I had promised clean surroundings to my people during my election campaigns and I will make sure that I fulfill my promise.”

This was just one of the many #KyaUlluBanaya instances from Chaitu Lal’s stint as the CM. The jury is out on whether Chaitu Lal is living up to people’s expectations or not, but the audience can expect guaranteed entertainment on STAR PLUS’s new show ‘Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai’ from 26th Feb at 8 PM