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Politician impressed with chicken not affected from interruptions, to take inspiration and try it in parliament

17, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Taking inspiration from two chickens in his constituency, who did not let any interruptions affect their conversation, an MP from the city has decided to take coaching from them to go about uninterrupted while delivering speeches in Parliament.

Murghi Rixit
Murghi Rixit

“I was taking stock of the situation in my constituency when I came across this chicken and his father fully engrossed in conversation with each other. They were seemingly unperturbed and nonchalant to what was happening around them,” the MP told Faking News.

As per the MP, chickens were interrupted unsuccessfully by others many times.

“I heard a woman, probably mother of the baby chicken, calling out their names, literally screaming, but they did not relent,” he disclosed.

“Their next door brooder box neighbour Murga Yadav even tried to catch their attention by offering them the all new, softer Mentos, but the chickens stopped to look at him for a second, ignored him and then continued arguing with each other,” further revealed the MP how Murga Yadav left embarrassed, mumbling to himself “Inhe toh koi farak hi nahi padta”.

“I was like had these guys been humans, they would have made up for excellent politicians, or even better, would have become the first human specie to complete their sentence on a famous prime time news debate show,” the MP said in an awe.

Now, with an eye on upcoming budget session in mind, this politician from ruling party hopes to become the first MP in the history of parliament, to go about completely unaffected while having his say, even as he gets interrupted left, right and center by opposition.

“The Budget session is still some days away. I am trying to woo them with some subsidized ration and protection from butchers with the hope that one of them agrees to train me,” the MP said and revealed how he himself has stopped eating Mentos, so that fellow MP’s offering him one, fail to interrupt him.