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PowerPoint presentation on Anger Management makes man angry like hell

11, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mohali. Garamendra Krodhi, widely believed to be the angriest Indian, today beat up a person who was teaching him some anger management tips through the help of a PowerPoint presentation.

The incident has left a big question mark over effectiveness of both PowerPoint presentations as well as anger management tips.

“This is clearly a failure of PowerPoint presentations,” Ajeet Nigam, a first year MBA student claimed, “It proves that PowerPoint presentations only make things worse. They should be banned immediately.”

Garamendra Krodhi
Garamendra after 3rd slide of the PPT

“At least before I get into the second year,” he added.

Apart from MBA students, even cricket fans claim that PowerPoint presentations are to be blamed.

“Garamendra’s actions have proved that Australian players like Shane Watson did nothing wrong,” Gurmeet Singh, a cricket fan eagerly awaiting the third test match at Mohali claimed.

“It also explains why Australian players sledge so much on field. They must be being shown PowerPoint presentations by their coaches, which make them angry like Garamendra. Since they can’t beat up their coach, they abuse on field,” Gurmeet guessed.

However, there are other people (not from the CBI) who are giving clean chit to PowerPoint presentations.

“It is Garamendra; he just can’t be NOT angry with anything!” an injured friend of Garamendra told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

The friend claims that Garamendra couldn’t control his rage when he saw anger management tips written in Comic Sans font flying from lower-left corner in bullet-points format.

“Maybe the font made him angry,” the friend argued, “Or these anger management tips don’t work on Garamendra, he needs something extra-ordinary.”

Latest reports suggest that Garamendra is now angry with conflicting views on PowerPoint presentations.