The President not happy as India trumps America; &flix makes America wait again!

19, Oct 2019 By Guest Patrakar

The President who became an instant hit with the Indians after his show of support to India at the HowdyMody event seems to be upset with India. The speculation came true when he did not visit the NBA India game, even after self-inviting himself.

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Mr President’s whole election campaign was based on ‘Make America Great Again’ and he is visibly stunned because &flix will make America wait again. English movie channel &flix will bring World Television Premieres on Indian TV starting October 20 and it will literally be #FlixFirstBeforeAmerica as the American audience will have to wait longer to watch those movies. Though movie buffs in the country were ecstatic, the President was livid at the announcement. And if the announcement was not enough, the resulting trend #FlixFirstBeforeAmerica has shocked him. The mercurial President was not happy that Americans don’t have a TV channel that provides access to Hollywood movies like &flix does.

The President raised the issue while speaking to assembled media persons at the White House. He was also seen speaking at length with the Indian ambassador regarding the issue. “This is HUGE. An Indian movie channel – &flix is showing Hollywood blockbusters to their audience way before the American and the World audience gets a chance to watch them. People are talking about #FlixFirstBeforeAmerica, can you imagine the consequences for me with just a few months left for the elections.  I want to build a wall across every TV set in India and stop people from watching this channel,” he thundered.

Sources within the White House say that the President, who dedicates his entire weekend fixing his coiffure, made an exception to accommodate Mr Prime Minister’s visit and India should return the favour.

Many feel that the diplomatic relations between the two countries could worsen if Mr President decides to impose restrictions. Self-proclaimed peacemaker Baba Siddhesh has managed to save the day and offered to mediate between the President and India.

Siddhesh has proven skills and has on many occasions managed to broker peace between the Baadshah and Bhai. When asked if he’d guarantee that the President would do a 180-degree twist from his current stance, the politician remarked, “I am Baba Siddhesh and not Baba Yoganand, but I will try to calm him down anyway.”

Sources reveal that Baba, along with his entourage, will be traveling to the US later this month to meet the President.

“An invitation to visit India will also be extended to the President. A cameo in a Bollywood movie will improve his approval rating among Indian community in the US. Maybe that will placate him,” said a source close to the politician.

Govt. diplomats however felt that a Hollywood movie chronicling the four years of the President in office could be a better pitch at improving relations.

“With &flix getting the latest Hollywood movies to your living room, this movie could end up getting the highest viewership,” remarked a diplomat.

Meanwhile, movie buffs back home can hardly contain their excitement over &flix. The channel promises to bring the most anticipated Hollywood blockbusters on TV in India before anywhere else in the world. Various reports also suggest that &flix will help cut the lead time by half. The channel promises to bring the most anticipated Hollywood blockbusters on TV in India before anywhere else in the world starting October 20, 2019.