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Man becomes professional musician after spending an hour listening to instrumental music while being put on hold by customer care

16, Mar 2017 By Ad-min

Delhi resident Anuj Verma would have never imagined that a call to the customer care would one day turn him into a professional musician.


The 40 year old doctor, who called up the customer care of his telecom service provider to complain about poor network quality, ended up listening to an hour of instrumental music while he was kept on hold by the executive.

Speaking to Faking News, Anuj said, “I was having network issues and wanted to speak to the customer care to sort it out. I mean in spite of paying such high bills, I have to put up with such pathetic service. Do I not deserve better?”

“Navigating the automated voice response itself is worthy of an Olympic medal. I somehow managed to reach the executive who assured me that my problem will be taken care of. Next thing I know is that he put me on hold and disappeared with that piano tune to keep me entertained,” Anuj said while recollecting his ordeal.

Apparently, Anuj covered beginner, intermediate and advance level of piano lesson in that one hour. Enough to turn him into a professional musician. His clinic in Chandni Chowk now being converted into a music room, with patients queuing up for his music therapy.

Anuj’s success has inspired many to follow his footsteps and a few were found calling up the customer care of FlyByNite Telecom just to listen to their instrumental music.

Though the doctor turned musician has managed to get many loyal followers, his next door neighbor Mr. Baldev Chadha is not particularly pleased.

“I just moved here last week and the broker assured me that this place was very peaceful. But with this Beethoven playing the piano all day long, I can hardly get a minute of peace. Wake up with his symphony. Don’t even need an alarm,” grumbled Mr. Chadha, while frantically searching for noise cancellation headphones on the internet.

Meanwhile, the telecom company was quick to take credit for Anuj’s celebhood and also went ahead to say that this was not the first time their poor network quality was instrumental in bringing out the hidden talent of their customers. “Just last week one of our customer scaled Mt. Everest while searching for our network. A rare feat managed only by a few professional mountain climbers in the world. Something which could not have been possible without our horrible service,” said the CEO of FlybyNite Telecom.

Though his network still remains patchy, Anuj isn’t complaining as much neither is he planning to get in touch with the customer care to resolve it. “Assurance kya hai that they would be of any help second time around. Not interested in another round of instrumental music,” he said sarcastically as he played a few tunes of a popular Bollywood song on his piano for our reporter.