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Saree shop salesman extricated from pile of 1000 sarees by fire brigade while displaying sarees to customer who couldn’t make up her mind

28, Dec 2016 By Ad-min

The wailing siren of fire brigade trucks broke the afternoon calm of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk following a frantic call from a saree shop to the fire station. The call was made requesting help after a saree salesman was found buried under a pile of 1000 sarees.

chanderi-weaving1Gupta Saree Shop, where the incident took place was surrounded with curious onlookers as firemen made their way inside the shop.

It took 6 fire men and an hour of frantic pulling of the saree pile-up to extricate the victim.

Our reporter spoke to the salesman to get a firsthand account of the entire incident. “Like any good salesperson I did my job. She pointed out to the sarees in the rack and I pulled them out and unfolded them for her. But she somehow seemed dissatisfied and wanted to check out more. From ten to hundred to thousand, the sarees kept piling up but she just couldn’t make up her mind and soon enough I was buried under them,” said the salesman while recounting his harrowing experience, still trying to catch his breath.

Following this incident there were protests by salesmen across the country with many raising questions about the safety of salesmen in saree shop.

The Salesman Association of India has asked the Govt. to look into the matter and asked that a limit be put on the number of sarees that can be displayed by the person behind the counter.

“We have sent a letter to Govt authorities and also to National Commission of Women asking them to look into the concerns. Hopefully, things should change for better,” said a representative from the association.

The woman in question, Aditi Ahuja was nonchalant in her response when questioned about her indecisiveness. “Women do take some time to make up their mind and there nothing new about it. I was actually looking for silk and cotton sarees with zari, which I was planning to wear for a family wedding. But none of the sarees shown by the salesguy were the ones I wanted,” she said.

“It was later that I found out from a friend that the ones I was looking for are called Chanderi sarees, from the Chanderi region of Madhya Pradesh. Coincidentally the wedding that I have to attend is in Indore.  A trip to Chanderi would be just perfect to catch hold of the exquisite sarees and also Indore isn’t too far away either,” she said, almost finalizing her itinerary.

The sarees which are embellished with intricate zari work woven by hand are famous for their light weight and texture. Many tourist especially women find themselves buying a few sarees as souvenir.

The topic of Chanderi sarees got many women talking about it on social media. Bollywood actress Sareena Kapoor is a regular visitor to Chanderi and loves to handpick her own sarees. “I make it point to visit Chanderi every time I am in Madhya Pradesh. This time I couldn’t make it due to prior commitments. But someone informed me that Samir Khan my co-star is in Chanderi for a few days. Will ask him to get me a few of those exquisite designer sarees,” she said while speaking to our reporter.

Meanwhile, Aditi has already made up her mind that she will reserve one day for just for saree shopping when she is in Madhya Pradesh.

“It’s a 5 day wedding, which means I need 5 sarees and I’ll need at least a day to go through all the saree shops in Chanderi,” she said while browsing through colorful saree designs on the internet, trying hard to quell her excitement.