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Seeing a rapid increase in the gender ratio during cultural festival, IIT Kanpur student faints, enters coma

25, Oct 2017 By Ad-min

Engineering colleges across India are not only churning out thousands of engineers every year, but also giving us some of the funniest jokes on the gender ratio. The mechanical engineer jokes were recently awarded as the best series of jokes by UNESCO. The gender ratio of India which is already at a lower place in the list looks even bleaker when we happen to visit an engineering college. And that is the precise reason why Jagdish Malik, a 2nd year student at IIT Kanpur got a shocker of a lifetime when he saw the number of girls outnumbering the boys at the recently held cultural fest at IIT Kanpur.


Antaragni’17 which has been the most awaited cultural fest of the year is going on in full swing at IIT Kanpur. This is the time when the technical and innovative minds of IIT Kanpur get to show us their creative side. Jagdish was always of the knowledge that he had selected a stream where getting to see girls would be as impossible as Kedar Jadhav scoring consistently in cricket.

In fact the only hope with which he attended this year’s event was to feast upon the different food items lined up at various stalls. Never had he thought in his dreams that he will in fact not get any time to enjoy the cultural festival. True, when you faint and get admitted to a hospital, you definitely miss out on spending time at cultural festivals.

The gender ratio seen at the cultural fest first made Jadgish a bit skeptical and he confirmed with his fellow students whether or not they were at the right venue. To his surprise, they were at the right venue. And there were quiet a number of girls there, something not seen on a regular day at an IIT. The only time you see pretty girls in an IIT campus is either in a Chetan Bhagat novel or in a movie made out from the Chetan Bhagat novel.

Well, Jagdish did miss out on the cultural fest, due to obviously his medical condition, but at least this article will mentally prepare the future audience to come prepared for the excellent time IIT Kanpur promises to deliver during Antaragni’17. In fact even the government of Uttar Pradesh has taken note of this incident and has sent officials to check and make necessary corrections in the gender ratio numbers to be displayed on the state government website.