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Shaving cut mark results into role of a debutante actor being cut

20, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. 30-year-old actor Mihir “Struggler” Shroff, who had got a leading role in upcoming TV serial “Kahin Nahi Hero Tum Sa” after auditioning for 4 long years, was aghast after the Dalaji Productions house decided to drop him from the role.

The confession

The casting director found him sporting a shaving cut, and he yelled “CUT”, sources tell Faking News.

“The casting director was so unhappy that he instead offered the role to his assistant, who was bloodless clean shaven,” confirmed a co-star of Mihir.

Mihir, a serial user of shaving blade, is devastated with the development. He shared his story in a video:

Dalaji Productions say that Mihir should have known that those days, when acting skills would take precedent over looks, are long gone.

“Due to advanced technology and high mega pixel cameras, even an electron on your face is visible. Therefore make-up is not enough to hide such cuts,” Fekta Gafoor, the casting director explained.

“Apart from that, we have to shoot scenes where we show face of an actor from every angle after he finds a cheating wife and says ‘nahin, nahin, nahin’. How can we shoot from all directions if one part of the face has a shaving cut!” he explained why Mihir was dropped from the role.

Latest reports suggest that Mihir is planning to buy Philips Aquatouch, an electric shaver, with the money he will receive for his changed role in “Kahin Nahi Hero Tum Sa” where he will dies after two episodes.