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Staff caught serving naan in McDonald's!

18, Jan 2018 By Ad-min

The love for a McDonald’s burger is second to none when it comes to fast food. Jagdish Malik, a Pune resident is one such burger connoisseur. Though a big lover of traditional Indian food, Jagdish took a great liking to the burger ever since he realized that saving time and saving money are things a student needs to incorporate in his food habits.

His visits to a nearby McDonald’s outlet has been more frequent than his visits for any college lectures. But there was a difference in the visit yesterday.

Yesterday was a pretty regular day for Jagdish till he put his foot inside the McDonald’s outlet. The time spent by Jagdish while placing his order is comparable to that spent by Shikhar Dhawan on crease nowadays. He is pretty sure about what he orders and has never changed it just like the bed sheet in his hostel room. The conviction with which he places his order is seldom seen in the answers he gives during his viva. But he never reached the ordering stage yesterday as he was shocked to see the staff serving naan to the customers. In fact most of the customers inside the outlet were feasting on the naan. It took Jagdish a while to reassure himself that he is at the correct place, but when he did, he really felt shocked, in a happy way. He dialed up his friends to come and experience a never seen before event.

Students like Jagdish get a chance to have authentic Indian food when they are gate crashing a wedding dinner or if a friend is throwing a placement party. The likelihood of the former is more given the bleak placement scenario nowadays. Placements again play a great role in them getting lesser chance of having a lavish dinner at their parents place as they are devoid of such luxury food items until they are placed and have a guaranteed job in hand.

The only thing which comes closer to getting a naan at McDonald’s is Jagdish clearing his exams in first attempt. ‘Naan’ served at McDonald’s is what a dream inside a dream inside a dream is made up of. Inception stuff indeed. But it’s not a dream, it’s a reality and our Faking News reporter confirmed the news by visiting the outlet himself.

There is no better example of a global giant willing to localize. You may want to confirm the story by visiting the nearest McDonald’s outlet like many of our readers do, given the name of our page. Do send in your selfie with the Naan in the comment section!