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Startup hired to provide garbage to be cleaned by CM Chaitu Lal as part of cleanliness drive

22, Feb 2018 By Ad-min

Swachh Bharat Mission, a movement to change people’s behavior has been in news right from the day central government made it the most important campaign of the government. Centre has been allocating funds to improve cleanliness of the country with the state governments also pitching in. Cleanliness drives by politicians and VIPs is very common in all cities. But CM Chaitu Lal, through his latest decision, has connected the startup culture with the Swachh bharat Mission. If startups are meant for bringing all products and services to your doorstep, why not garbage?

No worries about getting garbage anymore
No worries about getting garbage anymore

Chaitu Lal made big promises during his election rallies, one of which was to make the state a model of cleanliness and hygiene. After getting elected, Chaitu Lal was pretty sure that marketing and promotion activities of all government initiatives are as much necessary as the initiatives itself. He had seen a lot of cleanliness drives held across the country and was also a part of many of them. One thing that struck his mind was the monotony seen in the type of waste swept by politicians. According to him, if such boring drives continue, people will soon realize that the garbage swept is being re-used every time a new campaign is held and no ground work is taking place for the mission.

After taking suggestions from himself, as he doesn’t give a lot of importance to his ministers, Chaitu Lal decided to hire a startup which would provide waste of all kinds for the dignitaries to clean at functions. This way he can show the youth that the government is fully in sync with the startup culture and also pretty serious about the cleanliness drives. Faking News reporter caught up with Chaitu Lal and he had this to say,” When I used to walk on the roads while campaigning, I saw many different types of waste. But on TV when I used to see the politicians they were sweeping the same type of waste. How will that make India a developed nation? As I had promised a progressive state in my election rallies, this decision is a step taken in that direction.”

This was just one of the many #KyaUlluBanaya instances from Chaitu Lal’s stint as the CM. The jury is out on whether Chaitu Lal is living up to people’s expectations or not, but the audience can expect guaranteed entertainment on STAR PLUS’s new show ‘Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai’ from 26th Feb at 8 PM