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Taimur Ali Khan feeling neglected as most reporters are busy in tracking down ‘Hanna’

23, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

‘It’s Taimur’s first Holi, Diwali or Eid’, ‘It’s Taimur’s first Pizza’, Taimur’s first this, that and blah blah… How many times have we come across such headlines? But not anymore. We finally have some competition now. Reporters are busy covering ‘Hanna’ when she was spotted recently after her much talked about disappearance as a baby. This turn of events has left the star kiddo feeling neglected. Never saw that coming.


Every media house has now joined the race to be the first one to get some exclusive information about Hanna. It all started when journalists were covering Taimur being …. well… ‘Taimur’ as they usually do every other day. But he, instead of saying “MEDIA” said “HANNA”. When they looked at what Taimur was pointing towards, it was a teenage girl running across and breaching Taimur’s security. It was not long after, when the reporters actually disappeared from outside his house and started chasing Hanna instead.


Saif-Kareena are worried about their kid’s withdrawal symptoms after not finding any reporters near their house for last 2-3 weeks. They have been calling up media houses, but all in vain, as all resources have been allocated to find more about Hanna.

The first piece of news coming in from the reporters is that Hanna is a girl who was trained to become the perfect assassin by her father while being isolated in a forest. She is extremely skilled and can put the best assassins to shame.

We spoke to the president of the Reporters association Mr. Shwetank Srivastav and he had this to say, “We apologize to Saif-Kareena that they are finding it difficult to get reporters to cover their star kid. But there is nothing we can do. There are strict directions given by all media houses to find out the story about Hanna and every reporter is trying his/her best to get their hands on information leading up to the story. Meanwhile, we have asked Saif-Kareena to personally click Taimur’s photos and send it to us which can then be circulated on media platforms.”

Latest News Flash: Hanna premieres on Amazon Prime Video on 29th March and all the unanswered questions about her will be revealed then. Saif-Kareena can breathe a sigh of relief.

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