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Taxi driver Alia held responsible for the hike in Mumbai hotel bookings

16, Mar 2016 By Ad-min

Mumbai: Chaotic scenes were witnessed at several suburban Mumbai hotels after news of rooms being sold out were reported in the media. Sources say that people from across the country are planning to travel to Mumbai after watching Alia Bhatt dressed as a taxi-driver on social media.

Aaliya Bhatt dressed like a Taxi Driver waiting for passengers
Alia Bhatt dressed like a Taxi Driver waiting for passengers

Speaking to Faking News, Miss Sweety Singh, receptionist at Seven Season Hotel said, “When I took over the desk this morning I noticed that all rooms in our hotel were booked for the next seven days. Something like this has never happened before and it appears that guests have managed to get good discounts too for their bookings. I wonder what triggered the rush.”

Our reporter spoke to one such guest from Delhi, also a big Alia Bhatt fan, who got an eye popping deal on his flight and hotel booking and a once in a lifetime chance to see his favorite Bollywood star.

“Around 30 years back my father had come to Mumbai after watching Amitabh Bachchan as Coolie on the big screen hoping to meet the superstar, but sadly the meeting never happened. If I get to meet Alia the taxi driver, in a way I will fulfill my father’s wish of meeting a Bollywood superstar,” said Sukhwinder Tanreja, a businessman from Delhi.

With many expected to land in the city soon, hotels are happy with the increase in business.

On the other hand, drivers of radio cabs were a disgruntled lot with passengers showing preference for regular taxis after watching Alia Bhatt in a video that went viral on social media. A few drivers were also seen protesting outside the Bollywood star’s house to express their displeasure.

“I saw the image on Social Media and I knew this is going to affect our business. We are planning a day- long hunger strike to protest against her,” said a driver of Lola Cabs.