At a time when Elon Musk is investing billions in spaceship, has a company already made a car which can take astronauts to space?

26, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

SpaceX’s next-generation reusable launch system has kept Elon Musk busy for quite some time now. Two months back he announced the name of the vehicle from his twitter handle and kept pace in dealing with rising curiosity levels. But never had we imagined that Elon would be a worried man in the near future. He actually is. The reason is Kia Motors’ viral teaser of a car where an astronaut pops up on screen floating about gleefully.


Sources say Elon is worried that in spite of investing billions into his dream project, he may have been left behind by a car company which is already taking people to space.

The internet is not helping here, with people coming up with a new speculation every day regarding the astronaut. B-Schools are using ‘What is the astronaut doing in the Kia Motors teaser?’ as a group discussion topic. Some say that it is a social awareness campaign where the company is showing how a pedestrian should dress up to be safe from the rounds of ‘gutkha spit’ fired by car drivers in Kanpur. There is also the ever-present category of people who are least bothered about the astronaut and are only worried about the car mileage (kitna deti hai?).

Faking News team tried to dig deep and find more details regarding the viral video. There is a car named ‘Sportage’ on a revolving platform with an astronaut in a space suit floating over it. Elon Musk, who just 2 months back was optimistic about Starship’s launch in 2020, is a worried man now. What if Kia Motors has designed a car that can take astronauts to space? How is it possible to design such a car? These are some thoughts currently occupying his mind. And it would be interesting to know his next step if at all his fears do come true.

Researching further we got our hands on another video where a Tiger is roaming around a Kia Motor car. There are speculations that Kia Motors will probably give free jungle safari with every car purchase. How many more of these videos? Only time will tell.


The only ray of hope though for Elon Musk is a completely different type of social media discussion around the video. Some users think that the astronaut is attracted towards the beauty and design of the car, some think that he was lost during his spacewalk. Some Bollywood fans are even relating it to the ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ story and think that someone in Kia Motors has found the secret notes of Rohit which were then used to call the astronaut to Earth. At least these comments will make Elon believe that Kia Motors has not entered the space industry.

Meanwhile what readers can do is go to the below links and select the option they think is correct and help us find out the truth behind the astronaut and the tiger story.

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