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To save monthly internet cost, man starts downloading only half movies

21, Dec 2015 By Ad-min

Mumbai. Mihir Gupta, an expert in saving money on each and every thing, has recently taken another novel step when he decided to download only half movies from torrents to save broadband bills.

Mihir with his half cup tea, downloading half movie
Mihir with his half cup tea, downloading half movie

Mihir is reported to stop the download and watch the downloaded part before deciding if he should download the full movie, a behavior mostly observed in college students who don’t have to pay broadband bills separately.

“I realized that my torrent client had the option of playing media even for partially downloaded files,” he revealed how he got the torrent breaking idea, “So I decided to optimize my download habits and my broadband bills.”

Mihir, who had earlier adopted money saving techniques like getting off the taxi as soon as the meter reads 50 rupees even if the destination was away and completing rest of the trip on foot, claims that he has been able to save a lot of time and money.

“Sometimes you don’t need to see the entire movie as you get bored in the first half itself, and sometimes you can just read up what happened next on Wikipedia page of that movie,” he explained, “I am very happy.”

However, sources confirm that Mihir is not actually happy. Mihir’s wife Tulsi Gupta, his better half, has turned into his bitter half.

“His obsession with all things half is getting on my nerves. We hardly get time to spend with each other so going out for a movie is ruled out. Just last week I asked him to download the latest movie of my favorite actor Balwan Khan and all I managed to watch was the first 30 minutes of the movie and the movie stopped just as Balwan was about to remove his shirt,” she said with a hint of indignation clearly visible on her face.

Tulsi further claimed that he had been ending up spending more than required by taking such half-clever steps, and even now he’s ended up downloading more data as sometimes the original file goes missing.

“On our honeymoon, he had not booked hotels for entire duration! Can you believe it?” she recalled, “He claimed that there could be last minute deals on hotels we shouldn’t miss. We ended up paying double the rate,” said Tulsi.

“His obsession with saving had me thinking that he was serious about our finances, so we happened to opt for life insurance policy from HDFC Life,” she revealed, “And there too he took a cover that was half of what our financial consultant had advised us. When will he realize that he has to look at what comes in the end, not what goes in the beginning!”

Tulsi, however, is in no mood to accept Mihir’s eccentric behavior. A rebellion is brewing in the Gupta household and Tulsi has plans to make Mihir understand the importance of taking full cover for his life insurance.

“Giving a man silent treatment is a woman’s most potent and time-tested weapon. What if I speak to him for half the week only? Maybe I’ll speak to him on odd days and give him the silent treatment on even days. What if I serve him half cooked food and iron only one-half of his office-wear leaving the other half with wrinkles,” she said with sparkle in her eyes.

A call to Mihir to warn him about the impending rebellion was futile as Mihir did not answer any of our calls. Probably more concerned about saving his battery life.