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Tourist guide who explained to foreigners the benefit of demonetization to be made economic advisor

28, Dec 2016 By Ad-min

A tourist guide from Jabalpur, who offered his unique perspective on demonetization to a group of foreigners who were on a trip to Madhya Pradesh, could be appointed as the economic advisor.


Kanhaiya Vashisht, a tour guide who attends to tourists coming to the famous Bhedaght in Jabalpur, was offering his two cents about the note ban while speaking to a group on a boat ride along the Narmada river and managed to capture the interest of the audience with his unique take.

A Facebook post shared by one of the tourists on his travel experience in Jabalpur, which also mentioned the Kanhaiya story, went viral in no time.

Faking News spoke to Brad Damon, the American tourist who was on a trip to Madhya Pradesh and managed to trend on social media thanks to a post he put up about an ‘Indian guide who spoke about demonetization’.

“We were at Bhedaghat to witness shape shifting marble rocks of which we had heard and was on top of our itinerary. Our tour guide whom I called Kanye West because I couldn’t pronounce his Indian name properly, apart from letting us know about the history of the location, also provided us some entertainment with his take on the cash crunch,” Brad said

“According to him, never before did he witness something as he had since the 500 and 1000 rupee notes were banned. His wife’s stash of notes which she had hidden in the trunk came to the fore. Not just that, demonetization also saved his life. Recollecting how he was waylaid by few robbers while returning home and he pulled out a 1000 rupee note and waved at them. The robbers ran away never to be seen again,” said the tourist, who too had his own share of ‘demonetization problems’.

Apart from the aforementioned funny post, Brad also wrote and tweeted pictures of his experiences in Madhya Pradesh making it viral in no time.

The post managed to get the attention of a few Govt officials, who commented on the post saying that people like Kanhaiya should be made part of nation building process.

“At a time when there has been criticism of demonetization exercise, a few positive comments are a welcome change. Finance Ministry solicits such ideas and individuals are welcome to be part of nation building policy,” read a comment on the post.

As this news made it to main stream media, some news channels took the liberty to twist facts and promptly carried news of Kanhaiya’s appointment.

When senior officials from the Govt. we questioned if indeed Mr. Vahsisht oculd end up as economic advisor, they dismissed it as ‘delusional’ and blamed the media for making a mockery of demonetization.

But even the aforementioned clarification didn’t stop tourists from flocking to Jabalpur.

“For us the main attractions in Jabalpur were Dhuandhar waterfall and the Dumna Nature Park. But it was the FB post about the tour guide that got me interested making a trip to Bhedaghat. Believe me the entire experience was spectacular and would probably be the highlight of our trip to Madhya Pradesh,” said a businessman from Delhi, now en-route to check out the balancing rock illusion

Jabalpur’s Kanye West, as Kanhaiya is known now, has become sort of a celebrity for his views and his quirky sense of humor. Some tourists even admitted to visiting Bhedaghat to meet ‘Kanye’.

Though Kanhaiya’s popularity may have got tourists flocking to the already popular destination of Jabalpur, other tour guides however are not very happy. “They just come looking for him and I can’t understand why. We spend the entire day looking for tourists and they all crowd around him like bees. If a few comments on demonetization can make him an economic advisor, then my daily analysis of cricket matches should make me a BCCI selector,” said another guide, clearly miffed with Kanye’s popularity.