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Tourists scales three mountain ranges while looking for free WiFi, narrowly misses world record

08, Nov 2016 By Ad-min

A tourist narrowly missed creating a world record after he scaled three mountain ranges looking for free WiFi, while on a trip to Madhya Pradesh.


Sumit Verma, a banking professional from Gurgaon, managed the mountaineering feat completely oblivious of his own achievement that could have fetched him worldwide recognition.

In his quest for free internet, Sumit managed to climb Vindhya, Maikal and Satpura ranges of Madhya Pradesh which meet in the pilgrim town of Amarkantak.

A video on social media that showed him trekking across the range got more than a million views in just a few hours. Though Sumit was not available for comment, Faking News reporter spoke to one of his colleague, who was part of the group travelling to Madhya Pradesh.

“There is a reason why he is more popular as ‘WiFi Verma’ at work. Sometimes I feel he comes to office just to update and download apps. I am sure he can scale the Everest if there’s free WiFi at the top,” said the colleague with a hint of sarcasm.

Sumit’s wife too isn’t impressed with all the attention that her husband is receiving. In fact his ‘WiFi’ addiction has got her frustrated on many occasions.

“Once I saw him hanging outside the window stretching him arm to catch the WiFi signal. He ended up in a precarious situation and we had to call the fire brigade to rescue him. Last week we went the mall for Diwali shopping. I got busy with the purchases and before I realized he disappeared from my sight, looking for free WiFi signal of course,” she said in an anguished tone.

“Most other husbands had their hands full with shopping bags as they hopped along while their wives happily and look at mine. I have made up my mind now. It’s either Wife or WiFi,” she added, almost threatening Sumit with consequences.

Completely oblivious to the domestic rebellion that was quietly brewing, Sumit had a nonchalant response that sought to clarify the hysteria surrounding his feat.

“It is true that I was looking for free internet. But it were the beautiful mountain ranges that got my attention and I kept walking for more, before realizing that my trek was close to a world record. I may not have got ‘free WiFi’, but the spellbinding view all around definitely makes up for it. In fact, now I wish to cut myself off from the internet and get immersed in all the beauty that nature has to offer for free at Amarkantak,” he said blissfully.