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TV channel fires reporter after he was seen shooting Pepsi ads instead of doing a sting operation

06, Apr 2015 By Ad-min

New Delhi. Khabari Lal, a reporter with 24-hours news channel (out of which 4 hours are actual news) News Times, has been sacked by the channel for misusing office resources for personal work.

Khabari was found using the TV channel’s cameras and computers to shoot an advertisement for Pepsi, instead of doing a sting operation on a local sabziwala (vegetable vendor).

The 27-year-old reporter was editing his own Pepsi ad, when the editor-in-chief caught his act and decided to fire him.

“I saw him editing some videos of Ranbir Kapoor,” Kanti Shah, the editor-in-chief told Faking News, “I wondered what was Ranbir Kapoor doing in a sting operation on sabziwala, and that’s when I found out the truth.”

Mr. Shah, the editor-in-chief was watching Ranbir-Katrina movie clip on his mobile phone when he saw Khabari indulged in editing.

He revealed that News Times had decided to expose local vegetable vendors of Delhi who were using magnets in weighing machines to fool people, and Khabari was asked to do a sting operation that will make national headlines.

Crash The Pepsi IPL
The campaign that excited Khabari

“But this Khabari befriended a sabziwala and instead shot an ad for IPL!” Mr. Shah rued.

In the video recorded by Khabari, the sabziwala is seen throwing tomatoes like Malinga and wielding lauki (bottle gourd) like helicopter shot played by Dhoni.

The video was supposed to be part of “Crash the Pepsi IPL” competition where a person is supposed to make the next Pepsi IPL ad, which will air on TV during Pepsi IPL, and win prizes.

“I wasted 6 tomatoes and 3 laukis in the process, but Khabari bhaiya said that I will be on TV and might even win prizes,” Ramu, the vegetable vendor confirmed that he willingly took part in the video shoot.

“He also made me say something like eat cricket, drink Pepsi,” Ramu revealed.

Earlier Ramu was seen destroying an out-of-use and old TV set to protest against India’s loss to Australia in just concluded World Cup. He further revealed that Khabari had given him that TV set and asked him to destroy it.

“And I was on TV, so I thought his ideas work,” Ramu explained why he decided to become a part of Khabari’s Pepsi ad.

Meanwhile Khabari Lal has said that he was not too bothered at having been fired from the job because he could shoot and edit his ad before being asked to leave office.

“I am confident of winning the Pepsi competition and then I will be a national star,” the reporter said, “After all this is why I had joined a news channel.”

To make sure others reporters or employees don’t do the same, News Times has decided to confiscate mobile phones of every employee and decided to run news reports only on YouTube videos till Pepsi’s campaign comes to an end.