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Two Kangaroos escape from a Bengaluru zoo, one returns after being fed up of traffic, search operation for the second one still on

17, Aug 2017 By Ad-min

Bengaluru:  Indian team did win against the Aussies in the 4 match test series. But it was the Aussie team which won many hearts. In the lead-up to the third Test, six members of the Australian cricket team visited the young women and girls at Yuwa, an non-government organization in Ranchi that works to combat child marriage and human trafficking through education and team sport. The Aussies have taken a liking to Indian culture and the IPL has helped them understand the culture in a better way. Well, the same applies to the Aussie Kangaroos who have embraced the Indian conditions and the challenges that come along.

Bannerghatta Zoo, in Bengaluru was able to bring in a pair of the Aussie national animal, sometime in mid-2016. And the Kangaroos took liking to the surrounding just as a fish takes to water. But staying in a caged environment can be taxing and it took a toll on the animals. In a weird incident reported on 14th August, both the Kangaroos found a way to hop above the zoo fencing and quickly found their way on to the streets. One of them was resilient enough to face the Bengaluru traffic just like many Indians do in their day-to day life. While the other one gave up once it reached Silk-Board junction. The CCTV footage from the junction showed how the Kangaroo tried to navigate through small passages between two vehicles, but all in vain. Finally it decided to come back home, to the delight of the Zoo officials who were ecstatic.

The search operation for the second Kangaroo is still on and the government has stepped in to provide all necessary help. Some people have called up the Zoo officials to report that a similar Kangaroo (as per the description provided in advertisements) was seen in the latest Star Sports TVC promoting the upcoming Ind-Aus series. And what better way than an Australian national animal promoting an Ind-Aus series. It clearly depicts how much importance the Aussies give to this series against a quality Indian side. Cricket fans across the nation have lauded star sports for disrupting the sports event teaser-creation market by breathing in fresh life into the TVC creation.

Animals in the Bannerghatta zoo, quite obviously, are jumping with joy hearing about the stardom their colleague has achieved. Meanwhile, the Indian cricket team readies itself to face an Aussie team which is way more cognizant about the Indian way of thinking compared to the previous teams from down under. The series starts from 17th September, live and exclusive on star sports network.