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Underwear and shirt clash inside washing machine, situation tense

17, Nov 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Having been good neighbors for the last five days on the body of their wearer, an underwear and a shirt were seen involved in an intense brawl inside a washing machine earlier today.

Sources (trousers, banyans, and hankies) confirm that the maroon underwear Chaddi Lal and the white shirt Cuffy White were good neighbors on the body of wearer Rohit Singh, and they shared no hostilities in the past.

Washing Machine
The crime scene

“Despite coming from different socio-economic backgrounds – Chaddi was bought from a local shop while Cuffy was a branded one brought up in a lifestyle showroom – both of them put aside their class differences to enjoy their new friendship, thanks to Rohit,” banyan, a common friend told Faking News.

“Rohit had not taken bath for over last 5 days, and didn’t even change his underwear or shirt during this duration. This helped Chaddi and Cuffy develop a good bonding,” Patloon Singh, the trouser revealed.

“Rohit would often have his shirt tucked inside me, which further helped Chaddi and Cuffy came nearer. We thought they had become chuddy buddies,” the trouser added.

But things turned for worse when Rohit decided to take bath on a Sunday morning. Not only that, he decided to wash his clothes too.

“Initially, Chaddi and Cuffy were happy to be next to each other in the washing machine, though a bit nervous over being spun like crazy,” Patloon recalled, “They even giggled when first drops of water made both of them wet.”

“However, once water soaked all of us and the detergent started showing its impact, the relationship between Chaddi and Cuffy took an unfortunate turn. The maroon color of Chaddi was all over Cuffy,” the deep brown trouser recalled how the relationship turned sour.

“Cuffy tried to push Chaddi away but the current of water and spinning washing machine won’t allow it. In the next half an hour or so, Cuffy had maroon patches all over him. Cuffy ended up hitting Chaddi with his buttons. Now He is not talking to him even though we have been hanging out with each other since morning,” Patloon said.

Waiting to get dried up and hanging on a rope, sources confirm that the situation is tense, but under control.

Experts are divided over who should be held responsible for destroying the harmony between these two friends. While some have blamed Rohit, others have termed the water and the detergent powder as divisive and polarizing figures.

Latest reports suggest that Chaddi has offered a 5-star chocolate to Cuffy in a bid to ease the tense situation.