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Used to driving on bad Bengaluru roads for years, biker skids and falls after driving on pothole free road

24, Sep 2016 By Ad-min

Bengaluru: Traffic at busy Silk Board junction came to a standstill after a 22 year old college student lost control of his bike after driving along a stretch of road that was devoid of any potholes.

Caution: Pothole free road ahead
Caution: Pothole free road ahead

Apparently, the road was repaired just week back which made it difficult for regular bikers who were accustomed to driving on poorly maintained roads of the city.

Karthik Ramchandran, a third year engineering student who was on his way to college, was administered first aid after the incident. Speaking to Faking News he recounted his ordeal.

“I have been taking this road for the last 3 years and something like this never happened before. I could hardly control my bike on the smooth, almost flawless road. It’s not just me, many other bikers I know also had a hard time navigating their way,” said Karthik, as he moved his bandaged hand to grab his smartphone, which had been ringing incessantly.

Sources from the traffic department say that there were many instances of vehicular traffic stalling at different places, mainly due to maintenance work carried out a few weeks back that left roads in better condition.

Citizens, especially those using their bikes to travel are worst hit. Many of whom have threatened to sell their bikes and use public transport if the Govt. didn’t intervene.

With the city roads getting better, entrepreneurs who capitalized on potholes to start their ‘Extreme Biking’ adventure sport business are now finding themselves in a quandary. “We were given assurances by the authorities that the road condition wouldn’t change for the next 100 years. And now they have gone back on their word. If the roads don’t get worse, we might have to shut shop,” complained Ranjit Murthy, CEO of Need for Road Rash Adventure Sports.

Karnataka Chief Minister has called for a high level meeting to deal with this issue and assured the people of the city that the matter will be resolved soon.

“Honorable Chief Minister has taken cognizance of the situation. We will take action against the road contractor who is responsible for making good roads. Besides, our volunteers are on the ground looking for patches for road that are in good condition. These roads will be dug up to ensure no further inconvenience is caused to people,” said a senior Govt. official.

But many residents of the city are not convinced and have accused the Govt. of doing too little too late. Armed with a hammer and chisel they are planning to get the roads back to how they were before.

“The response from the authorities has been lethargic as always. How many more accidents are they waiting for? If this means getting down and dirty with it we will do it,” said a retired officer who is also a victim of city administration’s apathy.

Meanwhile, videos of people sharing their stories are going viral on social media. Some feel that change should first come from within, only then it would be prudent to expect others to change.

“It always gave me a rush when I broke traffic rules and used the city roads like it was my property. Would grudgingly let an ambulance pass and that too after hurling a few profanities at the driver. But things changed after I lost my best friend to an accident. It’s sad that people are so used to bad roads that now they are protesting against change. Residents of the city shouldn’t have to encounter bad roads in the first place. So I have planned to fill all potholes in the city on my own. In addition, I will ask bikers to wear helmets and urge them to follow traffic rules so that roads are no more highway to hell,” said Nandu, one of our reader, who shared the following video.