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Vodafone relationship manager asked to manage long distance relationship of couple

17, Oct 2014 By Ad-min

Mumbai. When Vodafone announced Relationship Managers for post-paid subscribers under its latest Vodafone RED offers, little did it know that the manager might have to become a “love guru” too.

The incident happened when Ashish, a 25-year-old young executive moved to Mumbai from Delhi after he was transferred and promoted.

Ashish became a ‘senior sales executive’ from earlier ‘sales executive’, and his relationship with his girlfriend Shilpi became a ‘long distance relationship’ from earlier ‘long time together relationship’.

Vodafone zoozoo
Vodafone Relationship Manager trying to figure out how to save the relationship of the couple

For the first time in his life, Ashish calculated the STD minutes he required to talk to Shilpi and Megabytes of data that is consumed by sending pictures on WhatsApp.

“When you are in a long distance relationship, the urge to do those jaanu/babu talks on phone increases manifold, and you can’t risk anything in the middle of a romantic call,” Ashish explained why he undertook research on his voice and data consumption.

“Initially, I thought my monthly expenses would go down as there would be lesser visits to restaurants, multiplexes, and shopping malls because of us being in different cities. But I was wrong! I ended up spending much more on recharging prepaid cards to keep the relationship going. That’s when I decided to go for a post-paid connection,” he added.

“I chose a plan that had the best voice and data offer for me under Vodafone RED, I also chose a ‘family group’ shared plan where I’d be paying bills for Shilpi too. But I didn’t know that in the end, I’ll have to take help of the Relationship Manager!” the beleaguered boyfriend revealed.

The inability of Ashish to take time out for long phone calls soon resulted in small verbal fights with Shilpi.

“I didn’t want to feel stuck in the relationship as I feel stuck in the Mumbai traffic. So I called up my Vodafone Relationship Manager to help me,” Ashish revealed.

The relationship manager was initially shocked to receive the request, but sources confirm that he came up with a few ideas to help Ashish.

“Scheduled romantic SMS’s at regular intervals, being on phone call during lunch and traffic, surprise gifts to send, and many other ideas was suggested to me,” Ashish confirmed that the Relationship Manager indeed was helpful.

Following this ‘relationship management’ request by Ashish, Vodafone is reported to be mulling over custom post-paid offers for couples living in different cities, which can save their long distance relationship.

“From romantic SMS packs to a pre-recorded call feature where ‘hmm hmm’ sound will be played in loop while one partner is talking for long; we are thinking of offering such relationship saving services,” revealed a Vodafone manager.