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After watching the Grand Tour trailer 10 times in a day, youngster faces difficulty driving on a straight road, demands challenging roads

04, Dec 2017 By Ad-min

The Grand Tour is back – but it looks like things are going to be a bit different the second time around. A newly released trailer for series 2 takes fans of the show behind the scenes to watch Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May testing out some new ideas. The roughly two-minute trailer features Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May driving through several different types of terrain, including down a snowy mountain, through off-road mucky areas, and even in the water



The trailer is for sure going to pump up the adrenaline levels, and quiet literally, as one of the corporate employee in Mumbai experienced. Shwetank Jain has been a car enthusiast throughout his life and fast cars and difficult terrains have always excited him. But a 9 to 5 regular job, that too in a space deprived city of Mumbai hardly gives him any opportunity to unleash the adventurer in him. Shwetank happened to catch a glimpse of The Grand Tour trailer some days back and instantly took a liking for it. His friends say that he watched the trailer almost like 10 times in that day, and was constantly talking about it to his friends. It was only yesterday when he started experiencing difficulty driving on a straight road. So much so that he had to leave his car midway to office and instead take a bus. When the problem persisted even today, he consulted a doctor.


What Shwetank found after the consultation was something he always knew, only that he got this pumped up was something new. According to the doctor, Shwetank had an increased level of adrenaline, something pretty uncommon for a normal corporate employee and this was making him want challenges, just like the ones showed in The Grand Tour trailer.

“He is craving for challenges and straight roads don’t match up to his level of enthusiasm”, the doctor further added. After himself watching the trailer, the doctor further told our correspondent that The Grand Tour Season 2 seems to be full of enthusiasm and cases like the one Shwetank experienced should not be a surprise anymore. The much awaited show premieres December 8th on Amazon Prime Video and we hope that watching the full show will provide the much needed calmness to Shwetank and many such adventure enthusiasts.