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Woman goes gold shopping for wedding, ends up spending entire money on eating pani-puri

15, Dec 2016 By Ad-min

Rashmi Arora, a soon to be bride who was on a visit to Indore to shop for wedding jewellery, ended up spending the entire money on eating pani-puri leaving her parents and in-laws in a state of shock.

Sarafa Bazaar of Indore where Rashmi spent her money on eating pani-puri
Sarafa Bazaar of Indore where Rashmi spent her money on eating pani-puri

The wedding between Rashmi Arora and Raj Puri, which is just a week away, is now facing a cash crunch thanks to the bride’s lapse of discretion.

The incident happened at the famous Sarafa Bazaar of Indore where Rashmi had gone with her cousin sister to a Jewellery shop for some last minute purchase.

Speaking to Faking News, Rashmi’s cousin sister Priyanka said, “We planned to reach the jewellery store by 5pm. But by the time we reached, the stores had all closed down and the bazaar was lined up with food stalls.”

“Rashmi almost went hysterical after seeing all the stalls at the bazaar. I could barely control her. From the aloo-chaat starters she went to pani-puri main course. She kept eating them non-stop till we exhausted all the money we were carrying. But it’s not entirely her fault. The food is so yummy. I too indulged in some street food,” she added sheepishly.

Facing criticism from all corners, the bride-to-be seemed least concerned and even defended her splurge at the bazar. “I had heard previously of Indore’s Sarafa Bazaar, but I didn’t know that it would be this good. Kachori, Sev Parantha, Rabdi, Malpua were some of food items that we saw at the market. But my eyes were looking for that special someone; the Pani-Puri wala,” she said.

“They say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But for me its pani-puri. Sarafa Bazaar is a foodie paradise. How could I control myself? In fact the reason why I agreed for this marriage is because the groom’s last name is Puri,” Rashmi added, still nursing a hangover from the visit.

While both families were mulling at what could be done next, they were unanimous in their decision to keep the bride away from any more foodie adventure to get her back in shape.

Rashmi’s maternal grandmother, who was busy practicing her moves for the Sangeet ceremony, was critical of the younger generation. “What was she thinking? These young kids are so distracted. The other day I went with Rashmi to check out the tourist attractions in Indore. We checked out the Holkar Palace, Bada Ganpati temple and many other palaces. No sooner we landed at the Kaanch Mandir, Rashmi whipped out her smartphone, stood in front of the mirror and started taking selfies. Now who will tell that silly girl that it’s a temple mirror and not her bathroom mirror,” she said while shaking her frail hips to London Thumakda.

Meanwhile, Raj was entirely in support of his fiancée’s splurge and said that he’d even learn to make street food to satiate her cravings. “I’d be her pani-puri wala, if it makes her happy,” he said as he braced himself for an early morning visit to the bank to withdraw cash for the wedding.

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