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Young man invests 2 hours comparing menu of restaurants where he should go for his first date

08, Dec 2014 By Ad-min

Mumbai. Luv Kumar, a 23-year-old marketing executive working with a bank, invested a minimum of two hours comparing menus of various restaurants so that he can get splendid returns on his proposed relationship in the future.

Sources tell Faking News that the young man was confident that a small step taken today could give him long lasting returns tomorrow – a SuperTomorrow.

“You really think it doesn’t matter that you take your date out to a restaurant serving tandoori aaloo while she wanted to have Pecorino Pasta?” Luv justified his investment decision, “Imagine how would you feel if you are shown another India-Sri Lanka cricket match after being promised an India-Australia match!”

Luv Kumar is already seeing these glasses as “half full”

“You just can’t take any chances and spoil her mood,” he explained.

Luv rejected criticism that he was comparing menus to find out the cheapest rates.

“It’s not about what you pay today, but what you get tomorrow,” the banker explained.

Luv is planning to take out Nisha – which is what her Facebook profile confirms – on a dinner date this Friday. They met on the social networking site last month and this is the first time they are meeting in person.

Luv is confident that Nisha is not a fake profile.

“I take decisions after a lot of analysis,” the young man said as he marked a cross mark in red on one of the menu cards he had downloaded from the internet, “I had sent her a friend request after investing at least 10 hours on her profile activities and mutual friends.”

“Her status updates were not about exciting Facebook contests,” he recalled, “Rather it was mix of selfies, jokes copied from Twitter, and occasional news links.”

“She is real,” he added.

Luv claimed that the coming dinner date was a return on his investment on Facebook profile searches, and similarly he will get returns on his menu comparisons in future.

“Obviously there are market risks one is exposed to,” he admitted, “I had added a spammer earlier this year thinking she was a real girl, but then I was in a hurry and short-sighted. This is an educated and calculated risk I’m taking while thinking long term.”

Door ki socho,” he said as he bookmarked some wedding planners’ websites.