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2 football fans in India injure each other in fight over 'Which team is Argentina and Which is Croatia?'

22, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

The drawback of being a cricket crazy nation is that we hardly played any other sports when we were children. Most people in their childhood and also children right now vaguely know football. With the coverage and global exposure at present, many Indians are starting to enjoy the joys of football. But the problem is that, by the time they truly embrace the game and support a club, Indian fans are around the age of 20/21, they are busy with academics or office and its difficult for them to follow the sports wholeheartedly. An incident which took place in Mumbai on Thursday night is an example of the fake fans India has in numbers. Jagdish Malik and Shugato Banerjee who consider themselves as die-hard football fans indulged in a heated argument over which team is wearing what jersey during the match between Argentina and Croatia. The fight led to injuries to both and the outcome could have been more dangerous if they were not separated by their roommates.  Capture

Jagdish is a Manchester City follower, he started following them from last 2 days when he came to know that they won the Premier league in 2017-18 and Shugato is a Manchester United follower because he still thinks Sir Alex Fergusson is their manager. Yesterday when the crucial match between Argentina and Croatia started they started arguing about which team is wearing which jersey. Jagdish said that the Argentina team is wearing black Jersey and Shugato said that the Croatian team is wearing the white and blue strips jersey. And this led to a long debate where even their roommates got involved. Both stood their ground like warriors and as a result injured themselves.

Football Debates or for that matter all other irrelevant debates look nice on a television screen but not in real life. So my suggestion would to all readers be ‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’.