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65 Residential Non Indians (RNIs) write to ICC, seeking World Cup ban for Indian Cricket team

22, Mar 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Few experts believe that a World Cup win can worsen the Hindu nationalists fervour and might lead to destruction of secular fabric in the country. And so, they have written a letter to ICC seeking a ban on Indian cricket team.

Recently, a magazine conducted a brilliant poll, asking its readers that whether Indian cricket team should win the World cup. As usual, a majority of Hindu male who already eat away the growth pies from others in India, voted Yes and threatened the Idea of India. Outraged and enraged by the poll results, now, 65 Residential Non Indians(RNI) have written a letter to International Cricket Council seeking World Cup ban for Indian Cricket team. They have also requested to disqualify the Indian cricket team until 2019 or when Modi is dethroned, whichever happens earlier.

Srinivasan may now play CSK on behalf of Indian team in world cup
Srinivasan may now play CSK on behalf of Indian team in world cup

Writing as liberal, secular and anything but Indian , the group of RNIs cited the growing communalism and patriarchy in India in the letter as the reason for the request of ban on Indian cricket team.

Following is an excerpt from the letter, ‘Given the growing communalisation and patriarchy fueled by Hindu males, this victory of Indian cricket team will be the doom for the Idea of India. If India continues to win every other match and finally manage to lift the World Cup, it would result in catastrophic situations in India. The team is highly represented by Hindu males and this will be another reason for the communal Hindu males to unleash their patriarchy in the peaceful Indian land. So, we request you to ban Indian cricket team in Worldcup and henceforth.

The letter comes days after Indian cricket team won Bangladesh in the quarterfinals of this World Cup, qualifying for semifinals against Australia.

Speaking to Faking News, the woman behind the letter, Adarsh Ghose said, “Indian cricket team has a Virat Hindu in it. They have vandalised all the Christian players and have unleashed their riots on all Muslim players in this World Cup. This has got to be RSS-BJP dirty tricks. We should stop this at any cost. That is why we RNIs have sent this letter to ICC. But, the scariest thought is ICC is now under fascist rule of an upper class Hindu male.”